Color Inspiration & Weighty Matters

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Today I thought we’d get crafty and creative with our color inspiration, first up; Who doesn’t love a good old fashion milk glass vase, plate or candy dish? At the price of vintage milk glass when I saw this I was swooning and new this was exactly what I wanted to do with my recycled pretty glass jars I had been hanging on to. The link under the image will take you to the well put together video tutorial. It is so worth viewing, that is if you love milk glass.

Milk Glass Tutorial from Vaughn Mills Presents House and Home H&H; TV. *latex paint

While we are on the subject of color and pretty things I have a little confession to tell you. Yes, I have decided for my own health I will not be eating things as pretty as these! But there is no law looking at them while I am on my journey to better health! Right? Oh unless it drives me to eating them, covering my eyes as I write this!! New mantra ” I will have will power! ”

Now, this is a color combo I would love to be able to pull off when I drop the (**) lbs! Too much sitting all winter, a new carpool lane where you don’t walk the kiddo into the school and have to park a million miles away, sitting while blogging, sitting while creating art….Well you get the picture! No I am not blue about it, nor am I seeing just red about it. I am going to do something about it! And ensure I get walking to start! So if occasionally I slip in a post of how I am feeling about it all, well I hope you do understand. *PS If you read both blogs, yes today I posted the same on both. Please forgive me! lol

How do you stay active and healthy while your focus is on your creativity? I would love to know! Toss me your best tips why don’t you.

I have to say the magazine is a deal! Two years with no auto renewal! I have  a few old copies and would love to get a new subscription. I have to say I loved the recipes and articles. This might just help keep me on track!

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  1. Hi! I just love your mantra. You know, we all have our weaknesses and no matter what diet you follow, which dietary recipes you find, if your will power says 'see you later' you have had it with your plans. So, indeed: say no no no to everything that you know is not all that good, but sometimes you have to give in – otherwise you will go insane.
    Wishing you a happy road to a better health,
    and a happy day,

  2. Hi Jacoba, Thanks for the support! Its not so much being on a diet but changing lifestyle incorporating better eating habits, exercise and being accountable. Learning to use better healthful choice skills and light cooking.Looking forward to visiting you soon!

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