Homemade Baby Gifts

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Remember the post I shared the tutorials for some baby gifts? Well if not here is the link to that post here. I wanted to share with you the end result of the tri fold diapers that were covered in the center with pretty fabric on the outside to make pretty burpees or clean ups for the mom to be.

I actually found the fabric at Walmart in their fabric department. It was pretty, suited a baby and in this case boy! They are all stitched up and ready for giving with a cute ribbon on top. I plan on purchasing a pretty basket or laundry basket and arranging the gifts into it. With a new baby a mom could easily use either for daily duties or catch alls.

I haven’t had time yet, but plan on writing out the tutorial for the zipper pouch. It is big enough for mom to be to carry wipes, a few diapers, ointment when on a quick run, just in case of emergencies. It really is pretty easy! You can see the end result just behind the wipes.

The hardest thing is changing from the regular sewing foot to the zipper foot. You will have to read your manual or check out You Tube if you don’t know how. Other wise it is all straight stitching, ironing and turning. Tutorial coming soon! You can; change the fabric if you need to make one for other uses. Until next time, hope you are having time to sew or getting crafty!

What is your favorite project you finished this summer so far?

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  1. Aloha Theresa,
    love your burpie and bag; the fabrics are so adorable too. I love that we all have our take on these items. It's always fun for me to visit blogs with artists that not only sew but do other crafts as well. TFS and hugs to you.

  2. This are so fabulous and very awesome baby gifts. I like this blog very much. It contain a wonderful tutorial of home made gifts. Such a nice blog.

  3. Hi Suzanne, thanks for dropping in and sharing some more links for tutorials.
    Hi creative grammie, Glad you enjoyed your visit. Yes, its great to seek inspiration and run with it.
    rausiee, thank you for stopping in.


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