Tail Towns Friends “Review”

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Dear Creatives, I’ve played a few online games here & there when the day is nearing close & I’m trying to unwind. Facebook games like Words with Friends, Farmville…I had the chance to try out a free-play Facebook game, Tail Towns Friends™  Combining the fun of social media game-play with timeless charm and unparalleled beauty, Tail Towns Friends offers players drama and juicy, soap opera-inspired story-lines and the photo-realistic art allows players to become landscape artists to create the home and garden of their dreams.

I don’t always get a chance to play games. Sammie is really into lots of game playing when she has free time. For me to get a chance to stop, take a break trying a new game was kind of fun. It’s amazing how much kids know about games & she popped right over to help me, lol. Not that I really needed it but, she was very interested in the game I was reviewing, along with what I was doing in the moment.



The games has mellow music, you read what the character challenges/goals are & complete the tasks earning $ / acorns to expand & create your family homestead. Another fun thing is that the game has “in real life” hand-painted figurines that you can buy & then register with the game to get the character’s storyline that gives you insight into their secret life in Tail Towns, and registering also rewards you with a super ornate specialty décor virtual item that provides daily rewards. You can invite your Facebook Friends & tend to your homestead when ever you want. Even if you have never played a game online it’s easy! So anyone who is interested just pop on over & play the game for free! Tail Town Friends  Facebook


 What kind of online games do you like to play? When do you play them? 

Disclosure: I was given this information to pre-view the game & share with my readers via Child’sPlayCommunications  This post was a part of the Tail Towns Campaign although I was not monetarily paid I did receive a figure with code for sharing. All opinions expressed are solely mine. Your experiences may vary.

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