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Summer Reading Book-Club & Reading Freebie Printable s

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Dear Creatives, So far our start to summer has been a lazy one in the sense of staying up late, sleeping in a bit & finding things we love to do throughout the day. I have to say its ok to take a little break from the go, go & going. Our garden is started, swimming lesson will be had, weekend projects getting attempted & summer reading going into full gear. I am still awaiting my new book for summer reading The Wild & finishing up other books while I wait. I have decided to participate in Oprah’s 2.0 book-club. Are you? & I am considering starting a group. No it’s not too late & details coming soon grab your books so you can join me! {more to come}  But with that being said,  I am also encouraging continued reading for Sammie. She is reading several grade levels ahead & that is not by accident. It is by encouraging reading, the love of books & saying yes to the library visits along with sometimes spending a little on books to entice her.

Now, it doesn’t take much to get any child loving books just cuddling up & reading to them when they are young. Giving them a chance at trying to read as they grow & later taking turns reading pages as you read together. Before you know it they are like Sammie reading anything they can get their hands on & discussing books with you! She biggest summer read right now is the Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. Her latest fast read book that she just finished reading was Witch & Wizard series by James Patterson. Of course she reads grade level books like Reezus & Ramona by Beverly Cleary but, for her personally she reads way above grade level & continues to challenge herself.


Reading it is the perfect summer lazy day activity. It will never lose value & always bring ways of active dreaming,  learning, expanding & exploring. If it’s too hot out you can read indoors, if just warm enough to have you poolside, under a tree with a summer breeze on the grass, in the evening in a swing chair or late at night laying in bed. & best of all this is what I found to print & encourage reading this summer from Rebecca at Simple As That blog  great printable s that are free!


How cute are these? So cute! Visit, go over print some out, have your kids grab a book to place their bookmarks & ready, set, read! When your done grab one of the charts & have them keep a record of their summer reading! Or help them with that if they are younger. Also when you drop by Simple As That { reading & encouraging reading download freebies! } thank Rebecca while your there! PS. Rebecca has a great younger child’s reading book list.

What is your child reading this summer?

What are you reading this summer?

{would you be interested in joining my book club conversations?} 

Summer Inspirations + {Adult reading book-list}

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