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Make A Splash With Fun Summer Floats And Pool Toys!

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Are you looking for pool floats? We are sharing a round up of fun summer floats. Our summer lifestyle often includes spending a lot time in our backyard which can be relaxing, while floating on the water in our spa, or heading to the pool. Where is your favorite place to float the pool or spa, beaches, lakes, or rivers? 

Do you have a pool at home? Inflatable floats, and toys can add to fun summer activities for kids, and adults. 

Pool Floats

Pool floats for summer. Have fun on the water with any of these cool pool floats. See them all at DearCreatives.com #pool #summer #floats #fun #poolfloats #poolparty

watermelon float | cactus float | pineapple float | avocado float | mermaid float

baby float with canopy cover | unicorn float for babies 

It’s time to update our swim floats and summer items. Are you all set for summer water play, and fun yet?? There is no better way to cool off, and have fun than with the best pool floats, beach balls, diving toys. Make a splash with the family with any of these fun water toys, and floats! They are perfect for 4th of July parties, and pool parties. 

Inflatable Pool Toys


Pool Floats For Making A Splash


tootsie roll noodles | popcorn inflatable  | ice cream | donuts inflatables | nemo | flip flops inflatable

 Are you ready to throw a pool party?

Cool pool floats 

GoFloats Unicorn Pool Float Party Tube - Inflatable Rafts, Adults

  1. Unicorn Pool float for adults
  2. Unicorn Pool float for kids
  3. Unicorn Pool float for babies 

Luxy Float Giant Inflatable Pineapple Pool Float for Adults &

One of our favorites is this Pineapple Float  6′ or this donut hole Pineapple Float.

Because who wouldn’t want to go down to pool or beach with one??

For Sammie’s spa party we are getting these fun drink floats. Keeps your drink afloat. Sold as a 3-pack. pineapple, lime, and watermelon.

BigMouth Inc. Beverage Boats, Cupholder Floats for Pool Parties (Tropical)

You can find all kinds of pool floats for adults on Amazon

  • The Gigantic Donut Float is a Strawberry Frosted With Sprinkles is over 4′ Wide and made of durable multi-color vinyl. This float includes a patch kit.
  • The Tootsie Roll Float inflates to 5′ long. Great for the pool, lake or beach. And also includes a patch kit.
  • The Smarties Float inflates to 5′ long and also is great for the pool, lake or beach. This float includes a patch kit too.
  • The Giant Popsicle is 6′ long and made of durable vinyl that holds up to 200lbs.

Swimming pool toys 

  1. Swim/diving rings and sticks pool bundle 
  2. Floating hoop-basketball set 
  3. Blow up beach balls

BigMouth Inc. Inflatable Donut Drink Holder Float, 3-pack, Chocolate, Strawberry                    floating donuts drink holders

What are some of your favorite summer pool floats and swim party toys? 

Shop all pool floats on Amazon, and pool toys

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  1. These look like so much fun!!! Can’t believe there seems to be everything under the sun when it comes to cute/clever floats. Think the donut drink holders are my favorite 🙂

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