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Poyomi Photo Books & Calender: Review

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Dear Creatives, Recently I had the chance to try & review using Poyomi. Have you heard of them? Poyomi is an online photo book company, which also has an iPhone app & iPad app. I am excited to tell you all about my experience using the website & with the products I received from Poyomi.

Poyomi logo

First of all I have made online books before. Once for Sammie’s school project when we went to the Petrified Forest. I have wanted to find quality photo book making & printing for some time. Not only for my personal images but, for my photography. Don’t you ever just want to share some of your photography, but since we’ve gone digital you end up taking them to your computer & scrolling through photos to share the ones you want, seeing all the ones you don’t want. {sigh} That is me & with a catalog of thousands of photos this can be quite tricky, but back to the point. Whether you are like me or just want to make a special book of baby photos, graduation photos or a book to share with friends or family I am going to share how easy & affordable it can be using Poyomi.

Poyomi Layout options

Poyomi Style Options Include:

  • Letter
  • Digest
  • Digest Landscape
  • Square
  • Calendar

& the photo books can be:

  • Perfectly bound 
  • Saddle bound

Poyomi Book Options:

  • There is a book price & shipping price calculator for pricing out your book in advance!
  • You pick the amount of pages you want 20 pages or less to 384 pages
  • In the design options you can pick multiple photo layouts or single page layouts
  • a 20 page book is roughly $6.99
  • Your books will get to your doorstep no matter where in the world you are. There are multiple shipping options, whether you’re in a hurry or you’re looking at the most cost effective option.

poyomi photo book, famly looking at photo book

Steps to Creating a Poyomi Book:

  • Product selection
  • Upload photos
  • Organize
  • Design
  • Preview
  • Done

two photo books, calendar sample shot Theresa Huse 2013

First I went to Poyomi & set up an account with password then followed the steps above. What I found is the site is easy to use. You can save your book & edit it later if you don’t have time to create it all at once. There are options in design for backgrounds or plain white. When you click on your image you can pick to have the image as large as possible. You can add captions & text if you want. You name your photo book prior to saving, if you are in preview & decide to change image order for your layout you can go back to change them. The more I played with the design options & layout the more I figured out the creative options!

Photo Book Theresa Huse 2013

I didn’t realize that some of my pages at the end were empty. Then when I went back, reviewed it again & had the option of adding more photos or enlarging some to change design to fill those pages or making my book smaller. Tip: preview all pages to end of book, if blank adjust size or add images. As mentioned the more I used the program which is so easy the more I discovered what can be done. ( The photo books are just like the images you submit. They are clear, beautifully colored & printed on quality paper, the above image is slightly blurred on purpose as not to have my images taken)

Calender sample, Theresa Huse 2013

Sample page of Calender I made with Poyomi

Each page has a photograph & the calender bottom has coordinating colors to the image. Or in options you can pick white or patterns. I love the feature that you can add in your branding. For one of my photo books I created I made sure to add my branding plate to the back to see how the final would look. This had my phone number in case someone would like to order a photo book from me or just wanted to see who created it. This option is handy for anyone needing branding options or just adding your signature or family name on the back for future generations to see who made the photo book.

Disclosure image DearCreatives.com


  • I preferred the Perfectly Bound book for the  quality of paper being a bit thicker, stronger &  higher quality binding
  • The Saddle Bound was a thinner paper had two staples in the 8 x 8 inch book
  • The calender was high quality, thick paper & very nice sized 14 x 11
  • Site is easy to use
  • Printing quality very good
  • Visit Poyomi to find out more

What types of photo books have you made? Have you tried Poyomi yet?

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