Pokémon Go Fashions To Set You Apart In A Crowd

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Who is catching the Pokemon Go craze? Now, with the craze of Pokémon Go wearing the right Pokémon fashions can set you apart from the crowd. Sammie has always loved Pokémon since she was little. She collected the trading cards, played the games and battled for high stakes to evolve.

If your not familiar with Pokémon Go you must be hiding under a rock or maybe not tech savvy? Don’t feel bad it might just be a generational thing and not everyone is going to get it. It’s all the rage with anyone from kids, teens, young adults to adults. We have seen the fun start and catch on like wild fire.

Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go Fashions

We all have our favorite characters. Mine happens to be Pikachu. But, there are many Pokémon fashions from t-shirts, socks, hats, caps and more with all the characters you’ve grown to love from the game.

Today we are sharing our Pokémon fashion roundup. It’s sure to set you apart from the other players. 

Declare your Pokémon style!

Pokémon Go


Pokemon Go |Pokemon FashionsPokémon gotta catch ’em all tee  Pikachu Beanie with Tassels  | Drawstring Black Shorts | Faux Leather Shorts

Pokémon Go Fashions Pikachu beanie with tassels

If your interested in the history of Pokémon anime fashions you can see how they evolved in this Pokémon Fashions Anime List Post. Sammie’s going to share all things Pokémon Go soon to help you understand the game.

Pokemon Go Fashions

Pokémon Fashions Roundup

Nintendo Pokemon Pikachu Juniors Crew Socks

Now after your day of Pokémon Go and chasing down Pokémon you might enjoy wrapping up in this  Pokemon Go kiachu micro raschel blanket

Stay tuned for a few more Pokémon Go round-ups for fashion, back to school or just playing Pokémon Go!

Do you know anyone who plays Pokémon Go?

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