“Lilies” Arrangements, Decor & Event Ideas

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Dear Creatives, I am passionate about flowers & having them in my everyday life from photographing them to growing them. I also love using them in decor whether potted or in vases placing them on display either on a table or mantle. I have also done events where long lasting flowers are needed. One of my favorite types are lilies.

Whether you are purchasing them for a special occasion, to grow them or for an event such as a wedding, baby shower or special holiday you can purchase potted bulbs at the grocery store, garden center or even your local flower shop. Dutch flower bulbs & flowers are something you can use year round in your decor or event planning. Lilies will give you amazing results. Let me share some examples of ways you can use lilies in your displays & decor for your events & gatherings.

Some lilies can last as long as 7- 14 days cut.

Putting lilies in small or large crystal vases in areas where the sun reflects light can make a big impact. This type of use is perfect for special occasions such as weddings or engagement parties & gatherings that are more intimate.Or use larger crystal vases including more flowers.

Use of color can create a mood for at home or for your events. Decide on a color scheme & pick out flowers. By use of color shemes you can vary the look & mood. Try picking complimentary colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Or Analogous colors that are in the same family of color. Or even a triadic where three colors are apposing on the color wheel.

When working with lilies or other flowers be careful for the head of the flower. You can nestle flower stalks against one another building your arrangement while holding them in your hand. Placing flowers into groups & not forcing them too tightly. You can eyeball the height. Trim ends at an angle. When ready place them in a vase half full of water & add some flora (which helps preserve them). Change water every three days at a minamum. Keep out of heat & cold to prolong their lasting.

Have you created floral arrangements with lilies? 

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