Tea Cup Tuesday & Crafts

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Leopard Print pincushion

Sew Pillow sewing case open

Blue & brown tea tags
Nifty loves crafting

bed 2


Oh hello Tea Tuesday & friends~ I found a teacup pin cushion in leopard and if you read my previous post you may know why I love this today. In a word leopard. Then another crafty inspiration was this cute sewing catch all, for all the things we use usually need for a project! I didn’t find a pattern yet but if I do I will share it with you. And who wouldn’t love to give a gift to a tea lover with a gift tag like this? I so want to make some! My post will be short today as I have been suffering with migraines & if you ever have had them you know they can be a huge detour in your day. So you will find me back in bed and sipping on tea until my next post~

What crafty things have you been doing lately? Do you ever get migraines? I hope not!
You can find my tea cup pin cushion post here with a link to a tutorial (Post with examples) or if you rather just straight to the tutorial~

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your migraine! I do hope you will be over it very soon.
    Your tea cup pin cushion is sweet, as is the little sewing set (I have always wanted to make one), and the blue tea cup is very pretty.

  2. The tea cup pin cushions is adorable and thanks for the lesson! I love the blue cup … such a vibrant color. Happy Tea Day!

  3. What a sweet little pin cushion! But I especially loved the leopard print rain boots from your last post! Brilliant! 🙂

  4. So sorry to hear that you have a migraine, hope that you are feeling better.
    I love the sweet tea cup pin cushion and looks lovely in the leopard print.
    Also enjoyed seeing all the leopard print in the previous post.

    Take care

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon. I get occular migraines (not painful, but can't see to drive, etc.)

    I love that leopard print pincushion & the sewing kit. The tags are cute too. One day I'll have to try Harrods tea.

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