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When it comes to fashion sometimes women need a good solution where we can look styled but, be comfortable. I hate working and traveling in my uncomfortable jeans. Don’t you? As a woman we can be constantly on the move from the time we get up to the time we go to bed. Bending, stretching, picking up kids, cleaning and working from home or other places. I am even traveling more than ever. But, why be uncomfortable or in your leggings or pajamas all day? Want to find out how comfort and fashion come together? Meet PajamaJeans.

I found out about a fashion solution you might like for yourself! What if you found a comfortable jean that felt like you were wearing pajamas? But, look like nice jeans. Yep! This is where the Dorisoft Denim fabric comes in that make PajamaJeans. (which I personally had the chance to try and review) Fashion loungewear that is perfect for everyday or about town. They have lots of styles and cuts to choose from. I wish I had these when I was taking care of the grandkids!

PajamaJeans Review


Best part is you can have comfort and style no matter what shape or size you are from xxs to Plus sizes up to 3x! I am not thin anymore like when I was younger and I am shorter so it’s hard to find jeans that fit well. I grabbed the size closest to my standard size and that fit true to size. The length was perfect for 2-1/2 to 3″ heels and are a bit long with flip flops but, I’m only 5’3″ and that is common when selecting my jeans. Inseam sizes vary with style. View their sizing chart when ordering yours.


The PajamaJeans come in many colors. I picked a stonewash bootcut jean. This fall I’m planning on tucking them into my boots or wearing boots under them. Right now, it’s still in the 80s-95 degrees in the daytime I wear flip flops and for this photo shoot I picked a Maryjane wedge shoe. You can dress these jeans up or just toss on a cute tee shirt top like I did. Bottom line, they feel A-Mazing!


Closeup of Bootcut


  • It’s recommended to wash prior to wearing. They have cute tags with all the details.

Now, as a blogger, crafter and DIY-er I work at home. Occasionally I receive shipments at my home. I don’t like opening the door looking like I just woke up or a slob (just sayin’). But, I also like working in comfort. Sweats, pajamas and leggings don’t really make me feel dressed, although they are comfortable. I was glad I got the chance to try the PajamaJeans as they really are comfortable and yet have that style for everyday that I need.

Here’s a few more details of what these fashions have to offer;

  • The colors range from Vintage Wash, Indigo, and Black to Purple, Muted Pewter, and more.
  • The PajamaJeans are priced great! Under $40. And there are bundle options. (if you fall in love with them, like me) Best thing is how they feel and look.
  • The site is easy to shop on. I did have questions and the chat worked great! I even had to call and the response was quick / helpful. They looked up my order number for me.
  • They have skinny jeans, boot cut, boy friend, cords, shorts and capris and even carry other clothing such as tops and sweaters
  • Sizing from xxs to plus sizes all the way up to 3x!

I rarely get bootcut but, decided to try these vs my typical skinny jean. I thought they’d be great to go with my Ugg boots and other fall shoes.

#TheFightIsOver With PajamaJeans they embrace your body, I love how they hug my curves and ensure a good fit. There is even a drawstring inside the waistline to ensure a great fit. I loved the classic detailing. I’m grabbing a skinny jean next. What would you try??

Click Through to see them all >>> visit PajamaJeans and receive a 15% discount off your purchase for yourself or for a gift.

Have you ever heard of the PajamaJeans before?

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  1. I am all about comfort and love the idea of jeans that feel like pajamas. Sounds like they’re super comfy to wear and 40 bucks aint bad either!

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