Hot Kids Gift Idea! & Review : Hot Wheels™ High Jump Frenzy R/C

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Today I have a hot item that is perfect for gifting to kids! As a matter of fact I’ll be gifting one myself to my little grandson but, until he is older aunt Sammie or his daddy might have to help him maneuver it as it’s recommended age is 8. But, since little Eli has used R/C cars before we think this will suit him just fine. As stated in later in this review Hot Wheels™ High Jump Frenzy R/C is not for kids under 3.

The funny thing is when we were testing out it’s capabilities I never thought my bulldog would love it just as much! It honestly made him high jump frenzy! I grabbed my  camera and had to take a few shots to show you. House not cleaned or staged but, it made us laugh as he tried to figure out how this toy could follow him around, spin circles and maneuver with ease. Not to mention JUMP!

Hot Wheels RC High Jump Frenzy_RC Toy in Package_Toy State Toys_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

It’s package is good sized, clear and the car and controller are packed well with plastic clips to hold it in place. You’ll need scissors to detach and then have to charge the vehicle. 

Hot Wheels Frenzy RC Car_2© 2014 DearCreatives.com

There are easy to slide switches for on, off and charge. Add 3 (triple) AAA batteries to the controller and your set to get playing! See video at end of post to see it in action! 

Back of Hot Wheels High Jump Frenzy with charger plugged in_!-© 2014 DearCreatives.com

If you are gifting this to a younger child you might want to pre charge the vehicle as it takes approximately 120 minutes for a full charge.

Here’s a few details of the Hot Wheels™ High Jump Frenzy R/C; 

  • Includes rechargeable battery and wall charger; controller REQUIRES 3 AAA batteries (NOT included)

Back of Hot Wheels High Jump Frenzy Controller_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

  • Age *+8 ( but, on Target’s site it states ages; 6, 9, 8, 7, 5, 4) NOT recommended for children under 3 due to small parts!
  • Vehicle can perform 360 degree spins and front flips that keeps the action going
  • When button is pushed during R/C drive sequence, jumping feature is triggered
  • Dimensions: 7.5 ” H x 6.5 ” W x 15.5 ” L

Hot Wheels RC High Jump Frenzy _Image with bull dog jumping _© 2014 DearCreatives.com

This is a full function R/C driving action with a dramatic “high jump” feature! 

Hot Wheels RC High Control Frenzy_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

Of course if you have younger kids or animals you’ll need to take care when using this car they can be curious about all the fun! Kid tested and animal approved thanks to Rex! We give this Hot Wheels High Jump Frenzy R/C a big thumbs up!

Here’s a video of the Hot Wheels™ R/C High Jump Frenzy; 

The way to get the jumping action is by; 1 pressing button to load, 2 drive forward and press button to jump! Can Jump over 1 ft. You’ll be hearing Sammie, not the dog in the video, lol adjust your volume. She revved the car up to get a good jump you’ll see that happen when the car is by the computer chair. It’s only a 49 sec video to give you an idea of what it can do.

These are all our 100% honest opinions, including Rex! These are all our 100% honest opinions, including Rex! No animals were harmed in the making of this video. We love our dog! We think he asked Santa for a skateboard and helmet, along with some dog bone treats! 

Hot Wheels R/C High Jump Frenzy

  • MSRP $49.99

The Hot Wheels™ High Jump Frenzy R/C  is available at Target;

Hot Wheels R C High Jump Frenzy in Blue

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What types of toys do you enjoy giving kids or grand kids? 

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