Re-Useable Grocery Bags & Safety Tips

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Dear Creatives, Yesterday in our local area a bill was passed to ban plastic grocery bags. I am thrilled! But with all things there are pros & cons. You have to remember your grocery bags, or pay the price. This won’t be so hard for me, I have been doing this for a long time. I keep them ready to go in my car, but for the Mr. that is another story. It will be an adjustment, as no matter how many times I remind him when it is his run he forgets. Now lets talk safety tips…

Re-Useable Grocery Bags

Saw Dust & Paper Scraps Ruffled Bag Tutorial

There are more things to consider. Having a background in food service & having had my CA. state Food Handlers Certificate for years,  I know that e.coli is a concern. Those nasty microbes capable of cross-contamination. With use of the bags over & over that is a factor to consider. Just as we use our cutting boards we need to make sure not to cross contaminate meats with veggies& fruits into the same bags.



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The benefits out way the risks with proper use & having bags you can actually wash with laundry detergent (preferably in hot water) &  air dry. By doing this you actually reduce the level of bacteria, if not even close to eliminate it. *(Always remember it is best not to use the same bags you carry gym clothes, kids clothes or diaper bags.)


50 Re-Useable Grocery Bag Patterns

If your city or district is on the verge of change you might find this post with 50 free patterns for re-useable grocery bags via TipNut. Not to mention one of her readers Susan had a great tip on how she makes her own bags:I buy tank tops from thrift stores at the end of summer for 29-50 cents each and just turn wrong side out sew a seam or two across the bottom and remove the tag if I’m feeling ambitious. These make great bags. They hold a lot and stretch which can be good depending on what you are carrying. Just get tank tops with big neck holes!

Here are a couple of articles you might find of interest regarding safety & things to consider when using re-useable bags:

There are many more videos & articles you can find by just looking up the effects of plastic in the ocean & environment. I know this isn’t what I want for my future generations.

Do you use re-useable bags already? What else are you doing to be more green?

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