Easy Baby Blanket

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Hi there, I hope this is finding you well. I came across this baby blanket tutorial from Above All Fabrics. I think I may try this trick she used for making the binding for the baby blanket from the bottom fabric.

It looks so easy and since binding quilts and blankets is something I don”t feel I have mastered quite well this seems to fit the bill! Under the video I will put a link to the tutorial. I hope you enjoy an easy way to making an easy baby gift or something special for your little one.

On her blog she has a tutorial  and a pdf download to help you too with the making of this baby blanket.
Above All Fabrics Blog . Oh, I have to tell you I fell in love with some of the fabrics they carry in the shop!
We don’t have anywhere to get fabrics other than a Walmart and a high end boutique that charges a fortune. If that is the case for you too, you might enjoy their fabric shop.

That is it for today, Blogger wasn’t playing nice and it has taken me forever to just post this. Here’s hoping next time it won’t be so wonky! Off to take the kiddo to swim lessons!

What are you planning for this weekend? or Are you crafting and sewing?

Sharing is caring!

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