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I guess I needed a little sewing storage and organization inspiration before cleaning today. If you want to see more inspiration and what looks like a wonderful quilt sewing site visit All Quilt People and if you want to see their article and more sewing and  crafty storage click here. I know I am going to spend some time after cleaning checking out their web site! Oh, and if you are looking for eye candy related to sewing or vintage notions  this is a must see a visit to The Charm Of Home. Honestly I can say I am swooning when I should be cleaning right now~
What sites are inspiring you lately? Have you done any sewing in the new year? Do you plan to? Do tell I would love to know!


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  1. Oh, that is so cool Sherry. I will have to look for one at a yard sale. Pam that is perfect! I need to find one with a handle or figure out how to make a handle for mine!
    Glad you enjoyed the post~Theresa

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