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What do you love about July? Long lazy days? Heading to the pool or beach? Vacation time? But, what about Stay Cation Time? This year we are having a stay cation. What’s better than that is hearing that Craftsy is having an UnWind Christmas in July Sale! 

Perfect for breaking up the long hot weeks when your at home. What’s better than finding the time to get online and learn a new craft or improve a new skill. Over the last few years I’ve taken several Craftsy Classes and enjoyed learning from them. You might have read some of my previous posts about the classes I’ve taken through Craftsy? If your a new reader here I’ll be sure and link to my favorite classes that I’ve taken so far. I will also let you know what I thought about them below and how they helped me.

The great thing about this Craftsy Sale is that that this is the beginning of a three part Christmas in July Sale! Woot! Woot! Crafters, foodies, photographers, artists, moms and teens….you can grab all the e courses that you’ve had your eye on and didn’t get as lots of them will be on sale!! So if you miss these specific dates not to worry, head over to catch any of the sales going on! 

E Courses Online | Sewing

E Courses Online: 

That’s what I’m going to do! There are a few times of year that this happens and you won’t want to miss out on saving! It can had up if you enjoy learning things or want to improve on your photography skills. I profess I am a life long learning junkie. That’s not bad is it?

E Courses Online:

Two Craftsy photography e courses online I’ve taken are:

  • Shoot It – Product Photography Class. Perfect if you have an Etsy shop or other online craft store. Here is an overview of the class on one of my older posts Shoot It. I’ve taken it and feel it was very useful, it helped me look at things differently when shooting too.
  • Food Photography – Photography tips, styling and techniques to capturing your food photography. This is one of my more recent e classes I took and found many great tips for styling, setting up photo shoots and capturing food in photography. There was a lot of things I really enjoyed about this class and learned from it! 
  • PS. If you look at my photography when I first started my blog to what I’m taking now you know these classes have helped me immensely! It makes me want to update all my older crafts projects and cooking posts! 

A Jam making e courses online I took was:

  • Jam & Marmalade The Blue Chair Way (You can see an overview of the class and why I signed up on my older blog post about Jam & marmalade) I really learned a lot from the class and can’t wait to share more canning with you! I just finished a new batch of strawberry jam and will be sharing a post soon. You can view some of my canning posts by viewing the recipe index and scroll down to canning. 
  • I’ve also taking several mini courses 

E Courses Online | Food

I’ve previously picked up Knit Lab, Fabric Patterning with Wax Resist, Perfect at Home Pizza and Micro Torch Basics. I know I’m kind of all over the place when it comes to learning. I truly feel that learning different techniques helps you refine your skills and hone down on what you really end up loving. And I love arts, crafts, cooking, sewing and photography so you can see how they each fit into the slots. 

But, all in all what I’m saying is if you have ever wanted to pick up a class but, couldn’t pay full price or you just hate paying full price and want to get more for you money it’s Craftsy Sales like this Christmas in July Sale that will help you get the e course of your liking at a great price. 

  • Best part they are yours to keep, stored on their site, 100% any time access and 100% Guaranteed satisfaction*See their site for full details! 

E Courses Online | painting

You’ll find lots of Craftsy E Courses Online during the Unwind Christmas in July Sale! 

Cooking class like Love Your Veggies, Coffee Shop Cakes, Classic Pies head over to Craftsy’s food and cooking choices. Photography classes such as the ones I’ve taken or maybe you need a Basics of Digital Photography, Dog or Family Photography, Creative Photography there is a large selection of photography e courses online to pick from. And of course I haven’t mentioned all the sewing, how to knit or crochet, crafts like jewelry making and more. There are so many choices for you to pick from! But, if your looking for the best deals of the season now is the time to check them all out on Craftsy

The Craftsy e courses online I’m looking at right now are:

  • Mexican Comfort Food as I want to learn how to make tamales
  • Creative Photography
  • Pet Portraits in Painting 

I’ll be sure to let you know what classes I picked up and how enjoyed them! Now if you’d like to check out all their offerings and pick something up for yourself or your kids to try just visit Craftsy!

Have you spotted any e courses online that you’d like to take at Craftsy? 

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