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Honestly, after this long weekend today feels like a Monday! But here I am on Tuesday doing laundry and catching up on a house undone by a weekend of relaxing and grilling. I am hoping to get done with the straightening up then off to create, craft, sew or paint. What ever the time and muse allows later this afternoon. In the meantime here are a few things that may come in handy today and are my crafty inspiration……
Never Fails! There is always a lost sock! This is on my must make list! What about you?

A table tray made portable and compact ironing board! This would be great for when I take my sewing to the kitchen, or ironing while watching a movie! How many times do you just leave your laundry in a basket to iron until you need that item?

I am always looking for pencils and pens to write on my grocery list. How about this crafty solution. I love the thought of using my favorite tea tins and making one for my fridge! Do you love pretty tins?

How many plastic milk cartons have you pitched into the recycle. Now here is a clever way to re-purpose them into storage containers. Who knew?

Hope you had a lovely long weekend! Now what diy item could you use at your house? Have you created a diy item that would help you around the house? If so, I would love to know. Tell us about it and leave a link if you wish!

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