Whats Cooking? Art and a Recipe

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Anna Denise

Who doesn’t love cooking and art? My latest inspiration has been this web site where artists and illustrators share their recipes with artwork they illustrated~ This is the only one I found via a creative commons sharing. And you can see the full size recipe and art right here at They Draw and Cook. Anna ‘s recipe is Chicken Pesto~ You will find some great recipes along with great artwork. I will have to challenge myself to illustrate a recipe someday! Doesn’t that sound fun? What things you could cook up in your head, on paper and in a pot~ But not all at the same time! I promise to post some photographs of the bridal shower soon and if you would like I can share the recipe for enchiladas I made. They also have salads, dessert recipes, drinks and more at They Draw and Cook~ What things have you been cooking up? Or has it been too hot?

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  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful link with us and will go and check it out.
    We have just had a hearty bowl of soup for lunch that my husband made with a ham hock and split peas, and he made garlic pizza bread to go with it. Great food for a cold and wet day.
    I look forward to seeing your bridal shower photos.

    Happy 4th of July.

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