Wedding Banners and Bird Garland

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image via Renee Anne s @ Etsy

I saw this image when I was searching for wedding banners and this shop owner had this bird garland for sale. Here is the image she had to sell her garland. So I was just swooning over how she marketed it~
How could I not share? She sells artwork, reproduction prints and recycled paper goods. She has the sweetest bird watercolors.
I have to say I am smitten with the Etsy sellers* wedding banners creativity and banner choices. It almost makes me just want to buy one, but hey what fun would that be? 

So my search continued and of course the Knotty Bride had some DIY links to help spin my wheels even more!

Then of course Martha Stewart has her Wedding DIY with templates for projects. Alright I don’t need this sign for the wedding I am helping with but,  I had to share. How cute is that?!!

Now my head is spinning with Wedding Banner Ideas and Inspiration! So when I get to crafting my wedding banner for my daughter I promise to post what I created and hope it is at least half as good! Still deciding on paper, fabric, felt and what ribbons. Just married, love birds, true love, Mr. and Mrs., forever, love, amore….. you get the idea. Well I can’t wait until the wedding is over and we are looking at the pictures with the banners in it! But until then the planning, creating and DIY will continue~
Have you ever made a wedding banner? What is your favorite saying for a wedding banner?

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