Dreaming of the Beach For Memorial Weekend

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If I had it my way I would be traveling this weekend, but as it is we just got back from all the wedding festivities and a week away. I don’t think the Mr. would be thrilled if I pulled out the map.
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In my heart I am a gypsy I love to travel & go on day trips

Maybe if I showed him a lovely picnic all wrapped up and ready to go he would agree and take me to the sea and spend the day at the beach with me!?
To read, to soak up the sun to feel the breeze next to the water at beach is where I long to be.

When the fog comes in  we’ll grab our sweaters and make a fire, play some music and sing some songs.

But I know him all too well, he’ll want to stay home and barbecue. 
Well,  whatever we end up doing I’ll be sure to remember all the men and women who gave up so much, and even lives for our freedom. Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend~ 
What will you be doing this Memorial Weekend?

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