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Hello Dear Creatives, We actually had a day cool enough to consider baking early in the day last week. I usually never bake in the summer except for an occasional pie. But since the weather was mild enough I though on a whim, why not? It was the perfect opportunity to get Sammie into the kitchen too.


I love teaching kids how to bake and cook. Really it is never too early to have them by your side doing tasks, reading recipes & learning more as they grow. I know that is how I came to love baking. My grandmother was an avid baker. It was like a dose of magic when we shared time. Little did I know at the time I would carry on the skills I learned and be handing them down myself.


The benefits of being in the kitchen when your a kid is all the fun, tasting the final product and none of the clean up. (maybe toss that in as they grow for responsibility)

The best part of baking is doing something you love with your hands, then from the oven giving to those you love.

The only things I did differently with this recipe is reduce the cook time as my oven runs hot, I have a non stick bake sheet so I didn’t use the butter on the bottom & happened to be out of parchment. But, that didn’t affect the final outcome I also sprinkled a little sugar on the tops of the scone prior to baking.



They turned out quite yummy! Sammie loved helping. I did a few to show her how and then she finished up the rest. We used a heart to cut out our shapes! Love, love, love. Not too sweet and perfect for with coffee or tea.



What would you choose to drink with your scone s coffee or tea?

 I can’t believe it is almost time for Sammie to go back to school! I had to write her a little love note.

What are some of your favorite in the kitchen moments?

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