20+ Summer Essentials For Travel And Staycations

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Summer Essentials Are you planning a trip, going on a road trip, or just taking a day trip to the beach…? Or maybe you are just planning a staycation. I’m sharing my favorite summer essentials, must-haves, and what’s on my wishlist.

This list of summer travel essentials, summer clothes essentials, and makeup and skincare for summer will help you at home (for staycations) and when traveling.

Summer Travel Essentials

Summer Essentials And summer must-haves a list of summer travel essentials. summer clothes essentials, summer must-haves for the backyard, and what's in my bag... DearCreatives.com

My most recent trip was to my daughter’s graduation in Arizona. From there I drove with her to Texas (for a new job she got!). Then I flew home. Below are a few of my travel favorites and traveling essentials.

  1. Get a travel toiletries bag like this. It’s pretty and organizes all your makeup and cosmetics. Head over to see all the sizes and styles it comes in.
    I got this size to fit in my backpack for traveling.
  2. With all the airline restrictions and costs on luggage, I opted to travel with a travel backpack like this. And if you are looking for a carry-on I highly recommend this one (and it’s on sale right now)!
  3. Are you bringing luggage? This set of 8-piece luggage organizer cubes is a must-have. Available in so many colors.
  4. An electronics organizer bag. Keeps all your charging cords, chargers, earphones, flash drives… organized.
  5. Sleeping mask with wireless headphones. Blackout light and fall to sleep to your favorite sleep sounds.

Summer Clothes Essentials

  1. Swimsuit and swimsuit coverup for going to the pool or beach.
  2. Sneakers for walking distances or a good pair of sandals like this for the beach and walking. Or these cute Sketcher Bob Copa Sneakers.
  3. These are must-have summer sandals for the pool, beach, lake, river, and walking or…
  4. A windbreaker for windy or foggy days and morning or evening walks.
  5. Cute Sunhat or baseball cap for when you are outdoors. Or this cute sunhat that has Hello Summer embroidered on it.
  6. Get a Shorts set like this for a vacation, summer day look, casual summer outfit…

Summer Must-Haves For The Backyard

These are just a few things from my wish list and recent purchases I thought might help you too. Especially since summer can be hot! Elevate your summer living by making your backyards and patios an oasis.

Summer Wish List

  1. On my wish list is a new hammock like this is perfect for enjoying time on the patio or backyard. I think I’m going with this style this time. What do you think?
  2. A shade umbrella for the backyard. I love this style! It keeps the sun off you and allows you to enjoy the outdoors for periods.
  3. For lounging outdoors a chaise lounge chair or this boho-style hanging chair. They are perfect for reading, relaxing, and sunning.
  4. I recently purchased some new backyard potted plants and got a new watering can to keep them watered and blooming.
  5. Bird feeders and hummingbird feeders for the yard and window. You can see my list of favorites here. See our Summer Favorites For The Yard.

What’s In My Makeup Bag For Summer?

What's in my makeup bag for summer- See the list of summer essentials for travel and staycations... DearCreatives.com

Lastly, I can’t have a summer without using these skincare and makeup products! And pack several to take on trips and any water sports we are doing.

Summer Skincare and Makeup

  1. A spray sunscreen (my favorite) or sunscreen lotion like this.
  2. Face sunscreen to wear under makeup or without it. I’m loving this one so far.
  3. After-sun care lotion for your skin. Or this Aloe Vera spray for your face, hair, and body.
  4. Protect your hair from the sun, and pool water… by using a heat protector spray like this.
  5. Use a serum daily on your face! In addition to before applying sunscreen. They are lighter than a lotion and still hydrate your skin. It makes your skin hydrated, smooth, and soft-looking.
  6. White nail polish Get Mod.
  7. Freckle Pen makes your skin look like you have natural freckles…
  8. Get a bronzer like this. The bronzer gives your face and skin a luminous glow.
  9. My favorite Milani blush comes in many colors for a shimmery or matte finish.
  10. Tarte bb tinted primer with SPF 30 Sunscreen. It is perfect for the “no makeup” look! The light coverage still covers blemishes but looks natural. Is a must for pool, and beach days… It is long-lasting and the product goes a long way. You can wear it every day!

Don’t forget to pick up a good magazine to pop into your tote bag or beach bag to read. Right now this is my favorite magazine to read! Or if you read on your iPad get the magazines with $5 off digital downloads.

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20+ summer essentials - summer must-haves for travel and staycations! My favorite things are 1 and 2 on the summer wish list...DearCreatives.com

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