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Quick & Easy Step by Step How To Make Cheesy Veggie Enchiladas + Printable Recipe

I shared my favorite make ahead recipe entertaining meal when having friends and family over, but I thought if you have never made enchiladas and are a bit intimated I’d show you how easy it is. This process really makes it go by fast. You’ll wonder why you never tried making enchiladas before!

Enchilada dinner on a plate_Theresa Huse 2013

Now here is how I make these yummy Cheesy Veggie Enchiladas! Step by Step so you can do it yourself!

You’ll need: 

  • Two bowls
  • Two pans or I use one and then wash in between
  • A deep spoon (ladle type)
  • Towels, hot pads, paper towels
  • Plus all your ingredients! See recipe below! Print or save for later
  • Make sure your work area is clean and sanitized

Now your ready to get started cooking!

Chopped Veggies in a pan_Zucchini_ Onions _ Garlic_Theresa Huse 2013

Wash and julienne the zucchinis. Chop the onion and two garlic cloves add them to a pan with a little olive oil and saute. Add a few dashes of pepper. Don’t over cook them! They finish up in the baking process.

Step by step set up for making enchiladas _Theresa Huse 2013

Set up your table or prep area. Have your cheese in a bowl, extra towels, hot pads and any spoons ready. It will be easier to do them all at once. After you sauteed your veggies put them in a bowl then  heat enchilada sauce until just over a simmer. Set at table. Lastly add the microwaved corn tortillas. ( about 45 sec. for just a few 2 min for about a dozen) Make sure you use a damp paper towel or two over them.

  • Note I moved the warmed tortillas to the pink towel and silver baking pan slid over to where the tortillas are in the photo. This way it’s as close to the green sauce as possible

Pan with enchilada sauce in it_Theresa Huse 2013

Now layer the bottom of the pan with green enchilada sauce.

Next you will dip a tortilla into the warmed green sauce, let it drip off. Set Tortilla in pan. (you will roll them right in the pan) Then add your cheese and veggies. If you want them smaller only put a smaller amount of cheese and veggies. Then roll them up placing the meeting edges of the tortilla to the bottom of the pan.

Pan of Enchiladas _ rolling enchiladas_Theresa Huse 2013

Roll them on the tighter side & push them together. Repeat until the entire pan is full! I even fill the last side open pockets with a few. Pour a bit more green sauce over the top add more shredded cheese and garnish with green chilies or black olives. Then they are ready to bake or put in the fridge until your ready.

Pan of Cooked Enchiladas _Theresa Huse 2013

Bake at 375* for 30 – 45 minutes check them during the baking process. Bake them throughout but, don’t let them dry out. Tent the pan if you need to with foil.  Add your favorite side dishes & serve.

Step by Step How to Make Cheesy Veggie Enchiladas + Recipe


  • Shredded Cheese 2 packages 8 oz. Mexican Four Cheese Plus 1 Packages 8 oz. Mexican Cheddar Jack (24-32 oz total shredded cheese depending on how cheesy you like them, I used Kraft® )
  • Corn Tortillas 24
  • Green Enchilada Sauce Las Palmas mild or medium 1 large can 28 oz. plus 1 small 19 oz. can
  • 1 can mild diced Green Chilies Mild Roasted, Peeled 9 oz.
  • 4 small Zucchini (double zucchini, onion and garlic if you want all veggie and no just cheese enchiladas)
  • 1 medium sweet Onion
  • Garlic 2 cloves
  • Pepper
  • ________________________
  • Optional toppings that can be cooked on top of the enchiladas with the cheese:
  • Black Olives
  • Green Chilies
  • Optional topping after cooked:
  • Sour Cream or Cream Cheese
  • Salsa
  • Avocado
  • Cilantro


  1. Have extra hand towels or paper towels nearby for wiping hands.
  2. Enchiladas are easy to assemble but, first I wash and julienne or shred the zucchini then chop the onion and garlic
  3. Then saute all three with a little olive oil and pepper 1/4 tsp.Set to side in a bowl.
  4. Next I warm up the enchilada sauce in a pan.
  5. Put your veggies and all the ingredients in a place where you can assembly line fill, roll and place them in a baking dish or store bought 11 x 13 pan.
  6. Put your Kraft® Shredded Cheese in a bowl it makes it easier to grab to put into the tortillas
  7. Heat the tortillas in the microwave by setting them on a plate, wrapping them in a damp paper towel for about 45 seconds to 1.50 seconds. You need them soft and pliable to roll the tortilla.
  8. Add some warm sauce to the bottom of the baking dish.
  9. Dip your tortilla in the pan of green sauce, then fill and roll your tortillas one by one. Place them side by side in the dish until full. Cover with some warm sauce and Kraft® Shredded Cheese and green chilies.
  10. When your pan is ready cover and put into the fridge until ready to bake.Give yourself at least an hour prior to serving to heat and plate.
  11. Pull out of the fridge at that time and Bake at 375 degrees F 30-45 minutes or until heated throughout
  12. Garnish with Sour Cream and Salsa or Softened Cream Cheese, Black Olives and Cilantro if you like! We usually set it up like an enchilada bar with all the toppings & side dishes.

I have suggestions if you are entertaining and serving enchiladas on this post. You can grab $20. worth of coupons to help you save on any meals your making over the holidays! Happy Cooking!

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Have you made enchiladas before? What is your favorite kind?

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