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Felt Christmas Trees for Kids #Diy

I never thought of making a Felt Christmas Tree for the kids when they were little. But, we didn’t have Pinterest back in the day. Which sure ups the game on what diy’s and crafts we add to the list during the holidays or anytime of year. I got a call from my daughter Krissy asking me to make one of the Felt Christmas Trees for her little ones. How could I say no?! So the research, planning, ordering of fabric and then crafting the felt Christmas tree began. Today I am sharing the results along with how easy it really is!

Felt Christmas Tree Diy_ DearCreatives.com_Theresa Huse 2013

First off there are all kinds of felt some quality felt is really expensive. For this project you don’t need the best. It’s going to be handled a lot by little hands! Not like a pretty ornament hanging on a tree. I’ll share  my felt supply list at the bottom of the post for you. Which will make it a bit easier for picking up your supplies. This felt was a nice thickness and great quality for the price. About $20. Cost breakdown below. Disclosure: affiliate links included in post.

Felt Tree Ornaments_Felt _Theresa Huse 2013

Supplies you’ll need for this Felt Christmas Tree Project:

  • Felt for tree
  • Felt for ornaments
  • Fabric scissors
  • Paper cutting scissors
  • paper
  • pencil or pen
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks for glue gun
  • tweezers
  • optional glitter glue ( for snowman and angel faces)
  • pom poms for Santa and deer Pom Poms
  • misc. floral supplies (optional)
  • cotton balls or other fluffy material for Santa’s hat

Cost for the project isn’t really expensive at all. Felt for tree $5.98 for one 36 x 36 inch, $4.55 felt for ornaments, Velcro $5.49 (optional) Command Strips for hanging tree $4.75. Now I used two of the 36 x 36 felt pieces for tree so that doubled my cost there. But you can grab a 72 x 72 inch for about $5.98. Total Cost about $20.77- $26.75. Which is reasonable especially if you are making it as a gift for more than one child! Not to mention they will get so much creative play time with this when you have your project done your really getting a bang for your dollar. You can probably do this project in several hours time once you have your  supplies. Enlist a helper to cut and it’ll be quicker.

Felt Angel_ Felt Crafts_ DearCreatives.com_Theresa Huse 2013

To give strength to the felt pieces when adhering them I choose to use the hot glue gun. It never fails I always burn my finger tips when using it! That is why I have a dedicated pair of tweezers for pushing down felt or fabrics when gluing with the glue gun. If you are new to crafting keep your fabric scissors in top shape by not using them on paper! Ever!! You can free cut ornaments if you like but, for many of these I made a template. Cutting one and then just holding it up against the next piece of felt and cutting another. If you are going to do lots of one you can cut a template from cardboard from a cereal box or poster board paper.

Felt Santa Face_ Felt Crafts_ DearCreatives.com_ Theresa Huse 2013

I started with a basic Christmas tree shape cutting the felt. My piece wasn’t big enough for the size tree my daughter envisioned so I sewed two pieces of 36 x 36 inch felt together. If you want a larger size you can always just order 72 x 72 inch but, they were out of stock until a date I didn’t want to wait for since I am mailing this to them. I wasn’t worried about the seam as they will be covering it with ribbon or ornaments as they play with it! I didn’t make a template but, you could from taped together newspapers if you really wanted to. Then take a felt pen and draw your tree outline and cut.  I just cut free form.

felt mushrooms_ felt Crafts _ DearCreatives.com_Theresa Huse 2013

Then I decided on what ornaments I wanted to start with. Made a list and started to cut them out. some with templates some without. I am hoping to send more ornaments such as woodland creatures, cat, dog, birds, nests, gnomes adding to the ornaments as time goes.

I have seen people make bells, hearts, strings of lights candy canes, bows and more. You can grab more ideas from Pinterest Searches here’s a page with more ideas on Pinterest for felt Christmas trees. You could even make a winter snowman and do the project over the holiday break for the kids.

Felt Deer Ornaments_ Felt Crafts _ DearCreatives.com_Theresa Huse 2013-

I am excited to share that I purchased my felt supplies for this project and have the list of supplies I used  from my affiliate listed below! 

They have great supplies for all kinds of crafts and sewing projects! And great prices! You can see for yourself by visiting:…Up to 70% off Retail

Felt Fabric Supplies for Christmas tree:

If you want to make a 3″ tree one 36 x 36 inch green felt will be enough.  If you want to make a larger one you can purchase a piece 72 x 72 inches and cut to size. The green felt I used was:

Rainbow Classic Felt 36 x 36″ Craft Felt Cut Pirate Green

Felt Fabric Supplies for ornaments:

I purchased one each, blue, yellow, pink  and two each cashmere (fawn color), walnut brown, white, black,  and red. But, I think it’s safe to say I would of made more if I had at least 3 each of the white, black and red felt pieces.

Rainbow Classic Felt 9” x 12” Cut Craft Felt Candy Pink

Friendly Felt 9″ x 12″ Craft Cut Red

Rainbow Classicfelt 9 x12” Craft Felt Cut White

Rainbow Classicfelt 9 x12” Craft Felt Cut Black

Rainbow Classicfelt 9 x12” Craft Felt Cut Cashmere

Rainbow Classicfelt 9 x12” Craft Felt Cut Yellow

Rainbow Classicfelt 9 x12” Craft Felt Cut Crystal Blue

Rainbow Classicfelt 9 x12” Craft Felt Cut Walnut Brown

I did end up putting some Velcro on the backs of the ornaments the ribbed section only. I used a peel and stick and didn’t sew it on. You can scruff up the backs a bit they will hold but, I thought for a better hold I’d just add the Velcro. I have heard of people using a little bit of spray adhesive but, since this is for kids I opted out of that. For adhering the tree to the wall use Command Strips! That won’t damage the paint or woodwork. Sorry about the quality of this images. I was sending it off and took them at night, but you get the idea. I’ll get a better photo of the finished tree and update when I visit them!

I hope you are able to make some little ones this project. It was easy to do and I can’t wait to make another. Someone wants a snowman next! And next year a nativity scene.

Have you ever made a felt Christmas Tree or other Holiday felt project?

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