Tea Cup Tuesday Time

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Photo credits: Marie Claire Idees via Clamity Kim on Flick

Festive, Creative and Pink too~ What is not to love about these tea cup images. When I saw them my heart skipped a beat and I had to share. These images make me want a sea cottage even more with a room to create a pink tea parlor. Even on the foggiest day the pink would lift your spirit as you raised your tea cup in hand to warm your body & soul ~ Imagine ~
How nice it would be to steep a cup of strawberry tea after a nice walk on the beach.

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  1. I agree..these images are so PINK and PRETTY! Makes you want to have that tea along with pink icing cupcakes!
    Great post!

  2. Oh wow….you had me at hello!

    i'm now following you, so glad you came by to see me!

    this post is just way tooooooo delicious!
    thanks so much for sharing this…I think I want to put together my own floor lamp….it's an invredible idea!!!!!

    ciao bella
    come again
    creative carmelina was here!

  3. Theresa, I agree with you, having a romantic tea room like this would be fab!
    And I agree with Jan too, cupcakes for everyone!!!

  4. Hi: I love that lamp. You are right, that is one perfect room. Thank you for sharing. I hope you can join us again next week, it would not be the same without you. Blessings, Martha

  5. Hi, Theresa,
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful tea cup and tea pot images. Yes, they would brighten up the cloudiest of days! I want a tea cup lamp now that I have seen this one! Have a beautiful week and thank you so much for stopping by Bunny Cottage for a visit. Blessings to you! Vicki

  6. Very girlie…unlike me, but I can appreciate the feminine side..lol That chandelier is TDF. Thanks for the visit this morning…keep in touch!


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