Tea Cup Tuesday “Orange Color Inspiration”

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This set is Gold Castle made in Japan its a demitasse set. I don’t know too much about it only I have a few pieces from my mom which may have been my grandma’s at one time. The color orange always makes me smile this time of year~

orange sugar bowl by Gold Castle of JapanI love it despite the gold is rubbed off a little bit~

Orange Tea Cup

orange tea cup and saucer
tea cup orangeorange,pomegrantesThe pomegranates are starting to grow in the yard for fall they are such a spectacular orange color when they are in bloom. Then they loose their blossoms and the fruit begins to grow

Portrait of a girlHere is Sammie with one of her most colorful shirts in an deep orange with a lovely flower pattern and gold shimmers sewn on. I love taking portraits of her often as kids change so much~

Journal page of an Autumn FaerieHere is my Autumn Faerie I created a while back. She is ready to come visit today with her deep orange red hair and orange flower tattoo on her face~

Well I am off to create a little tutorial to post later this week. It is a little Halloween Vintage Hanging Ornament! Oh, and yes it has orange in it!

Don’t forget to drop back by. Also don’t forget to link up your Autumn / Halloween inspiration, crafts, decor, photography……… I put Mr. Linky on the side bar for you so you can drop your link in and blog hop if you like!

& in the previous post I have a download of an October Calendar for you with some Autumn Photography of mine be sure to get one to use or print for yourself and share it if you like~ What is your favorite fall color? Have you been starting any fall crafts or sewing projects? Do Tell~

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  1. Thanks for stopping by. My, yr orange teacup is just stunning. The colour really outstand. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I do really love your orange tea cups. They are such a fab orange. And so perfect for autumn. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
    Your Autumn portrait journal page is beautiful! You did a lovely job her face.
    I have never seen a pomegranate, other than in the grocery store, so seeing your beautiful plant and the bloom is a real treat for me. What a wonder!

  3. Hello, Theresa,
    That pretty orange tea cup and saucer is perfect for autumn!! Sammie is cute as can be in her autumn colored shirt, such a sweet, sweet smile. Your autumn fairy is very charming! Lucky you to have some wonderful pomegranates to enjoy, too. Have a lovely autumn week, my friend~love and blessings always~Vicki

  4. very bold and pretty teacup! reminds me of happy colour!
    thanks for sharing.

  5. Omigosh! That lovely teacup has the perfect orange color! Perfect for autumn. You're lucky to have a set like that. Stopping by from Tea Tuesdays.

  6. Hello! I LOVE your orange tea cup!! I have one posted this week too! Perfect for this time of the year!!

    I love orange and all shades of it like rust and peach!! My Living Room is peach and I love the warm glow when the lights are on in the evening. Now with all of my decorations for Fall, my LR just seems so warm and cozy to me!!

    I am going to link up to your party for Fall tomorrow when I have a bit more time. I actually have a few posts with Fall decorations!! I do have quite a few!! LOL!!


  7. Hi Theresa, Lovely tea perfect for fall :-)) I have never seen the early stages of Pomegranites… I never would havd guessed they start orange!
    Thanks for the party invite:-) I have linked up, looks fun!!

  8. I just left a comment on Martha's blog about never before seeing orange teacups and here, only minutes later, I see another on your blog! Perfect for this season.

    I like your Autumn fairy~

  9. Here it is Thursday, and I'm still making the Tuesday tea rounds. Sorry to be so late visiting.

    Your orange teacup is absolutely perfect for this time of year. It's beautiful…but not nearly as beautiful as that precious little girl. What a doll!!

    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

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