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Oh we have been busy this summer, as you know mostly with wedding things but we managed to get a little sewing lesson in. Is it ever to early to learn to sew? I remember my grandma teaching me had sewing and embroidery at a very young age. I think Sammie being *8yr. old is a perfect age. She can listen, has patience and is willing~ So we made our way to one of the only fabric stores around & they have a online store too! The Fabric Worm I love their selection although some fabric can be pricey. We found some remnants that fit the bill for some small projects which included the skirt we made. I didn’t use a pattern so I measured her with the fabric and thought about its construction then we we’re on our way. She watched and then when we were ready to sew sat down on my lap and I helped guide her for her hand placement. (I also have a speed control on my machine, which is excellent for teaching ) She did the foot pedal and the sewing with a little guidance. I can’t wait to do some more kid projects with her and share~ But if you want to get started here is a book you might use for project ideas and learning exercises, “Sewing Machine Fun For Kids Now that we have some more inspiration for easy projects I can see us setting more time aside for Sammie’s continued learning & growing her love of sewing~What age did you learn to sew? Its never to late if you haven’t started! PS If you do already sew here is a pattern from the Fabric Worm ( Bandeau Romper) that I found when looking around their website. I will have more yummy sewing ideas and links coming soon~And do come back Tuesday for a giveaway that is starting! I know you’ll want to sign up for it!

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  1. Happy Monday! Just returned from out of town and am catching up on comments – thank you for kindly adding my giveaway picture to your blog – it is so nice of you to do so, kristin xo

  2. hooray for you, this is so awesome you are teaching her to do this! i learned to sew the summer before i turned 13…i loved it then, and i love it now!

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