Gnomes, A Story and Free Valentines Printables

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Gnome Books

Do you ever feel like you need a gnome? What is the definition of a gnome any way?
A legendary creature resembling a tiny old man; lives in the depths of the earth and guards buried treasure.
So you are wondering why I am asking you this?

 Well for 1. I have always loved images of these little creatures, men. 2. I could of used a guard to protect my buried treasure on my computer and blog. OK, I may of lost you but let me reel you back in. I had a whim, yes the kind that blows in with a breeze and takes over like a hurricane. My whim was to redo my header, but what does that have to do with gnomes? Well, you see I misplaced in my 11,000 images my header. Yep, then I tried to retrieve it from the original place and it didn’t fit properly, then I tried to re size it. Are you starting to see where I am going with this? Well, suffice to say nothing was going my way. So temporarily until I decide if I am going to just to an entire blog makeover or locate my original header and make it fit it will be like it is. I won’t say I am happy, but the next time I am having a whim I am asking a gnome for some protective help!

Now back to some crafty goodness. Yes, I wouldn’t do a post without sharing something of value. I came across this free printable. Perfect for Valentines! Sweet and Creative~

So just click here and go to visit and grab your free printable~  & click here to visit Jamie the crafter behind the printable  and her link up with other crafty goodness. You are sure to find more great inspiration!

Have you ever lost your header? What size is the right size for blogger any way for a proper fit? If you know I’d love to know so I can make my own! ~ Next post I have a easy and tasty recipe for you. Until then…
Happy Creating and Crafting~

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