Oatmeal Cookies & A Spot of Tea

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Yes, I am sharing my story and version of these oatmeal cookies pictured above. I honestly was looking for a simple Oatmeal Cookie Recipe. But, everyone wants to put fruit and nuts in them. Granted I love pecans but did my pantry have any? No! Since my little one who is not so little any more she is 8yr old had yesterday off of school we decided to have a pj baking party! These cookies pictured are the outcome. 
The recipe I used was my version of  trying the one listed below by the Barefoot Contessa. I guess I could say thank goodness I didn’t have pecans because with kids do you really have time to toast nuts? I usually have Sammie help me grab everything we need and plunk it on the clean table and we begin. I help Sammie measure out all the dry ingredients. Then we measure in a bowl all *wet ingredients IE the butter, sugars, egg, vanilla. She loves cracking eggs and has gotten quite good at it. Mix it together, cookie sheet, bake and of course taste! Tasting is the best part!
I have to say this isn’t quite the Quaker Oats Recipe I have and there are only a few differences. #1 being less brown sugar and what I think that does is creates a firmer cookie. Crisp on the outside and firmer in the inside. A great dunking Oatmeal Cookie. So maybe a spot of tea or coffee, your favorite book and you’ll have the perfect recipe. Oh, back to what I did. Literally cut the recipe in half, no nuts or raisins. That is it! Definitely worth trying, but I think I will stick to my good old fashion Quaker Oats Recipe next time! * minus the nutmeg that is! When I come up with my favorite version I promise to post it in the recipes. Hey, nothing wrong with any excuse to make cookies right?
Raisin Pecan Oatmeal Cookies via Food networks by Barefoot Contessa *recipe I altered.

    Do you have a favorite Oatmeal Cookie Recipe? Where did you get it from?

    Source: flickr.com via Nicole on Pinterest

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    1. I don't have a favorite Oatmeal cookie recipe. I've never made them. But my husband loves oatmeal cookies and asked me several times to bake them. The ones you and your little helper made look very delicious; perhaps it's time for me to try baking them too. Thanks for the recipe.
      have a nice day 😉

    2. Hello Sweetie, so glad you are joining us this week! Your altered cookie sounds like it worked out for you. I don't have an oatmeal cookie recipe. Your white tea cup and saucer are lovely. White is always nice, no matter what you are drinking it looks good in it!
      Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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