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Dear Creatives, Today I find myself doing a little introspection. Looking at what I am doing and sharing. I don’t want to forget my roots, passions, dreams & art is one of them. I am reaching deep into my dreams & know that I must spend more time creating along side with crafting, writing, blogging, more time doing than searching. Maybe if I include a weekly post dedicated to my inner passions sharing who & what is inspiring me my heart can rest with ease, that I have served creative inspiration & inspired living.


We can find art in all its glory easily, but to really appreciate it & the work that is given to us to view in its many forms we must give it a place, platform to be seen & honored besides a museum; where it can be seen by more people & appreciated. If the artists, crafters, fashion designers, photographers and other creatives don’t share their work & worlds ours would be less colorful.The forms of art & crafts come in many sizes just as people do. It is sharing of the things that spark my heart & hoping that it does that for you while washing the dust off every day life.

I hope you will enjoy seeing the weekly posts to come with series  soon. If you know of where any of this artist/ photographerswho created the above work,  please contact me so I can give them credit. I hope you are finding creativity & inspiration in your weekend. { update sharing my art & photography on TheresaHuse.com}

If you are an artist, photographer creative who would like to be featured contact me via email at dearcreatives at g mail dot com.

Is there a specific artist, photographer or crafter that inspires you? I’d love to know!

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  1. OMG you speak to my soul!!! I continually struggle with the actual “doing” and spend more time searching, reading, thinking about, etc.
    BUT I want to do more DOING meaning creating!
    I’ll be following you for inspiration and the motivation to get out into my studio and CREATE! Thank you!! (and I LOVE your site!!)

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