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Home Refresh – Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Space

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Are you ready for a home refresh? January is always starting a new and it’s not too late to dive in and get your to-do list’s done. We are sharing simple and easy ways to give your home a refresh, what is on my to-do list and what are my favorite finds this, plus Friday favorites. Are you counting down the days until spring? I am and since I have to wait to take a few of my fixer up projects outdoors. In the meantime, I am starting to refresh a few things indoors. 

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I am making a list of things that need to be replaced and refreshed. Are you a list maker? I like to keep myself accountable, I also live with a procrastinator. Making lists to cross off is the black and white of what is done and not tackled in our home. No sweeping it under the rug so to speak. 

Home Refresh

Are you ready for a home refresh_ Easy ways to update and refresh your home - DearCreatives.com

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There are certain times of year that are perfect for getting the things you need. Right now is one of those times. Especially since Home Depot and Target, both are having big sales right now. I love how they have the items I need for my home. Not only remodel supplies but, home decor.

Shopping online you can really find and compare pricing for what you need. I love going to stores for inspiration when I’m in the city but, hey we live in a rural area so shopping is slim pickings. Ha! This probably keeps me out of trouble though, you know those impulsive buys. 

To do list 

My Fix-Up List

On my home organization list to replace and get new are towels with holes, fraying edges. Bed linens that have tares, that are thinning or have missing pillowcases. 

  1. Bath towels (new ultra-soft bath towel set)
  2. Bed linens such as comforters, sheets, pillowcases (new organic cotton sheets) ( crushing on this organic comforter)

On my list of big items to replace

  1. A new sitting chair (I need a big comfy chair for sitting, reading and watching tv, besides my occasional working on my laptop!) 
  2. Sofa (It would be nice to get a new set. We got rid of the love seat, now the club chair has seen better days. We have had it at least 15 years) 
  3. Dining room set ( I am debating whether or not to paint it and recover the seats again or swap it out for new expandable dining room table set like this)

On my list to fix up

  1. Paint my kitchen cabinets

Finish our bathroom

  1. Fix the bathroom floor
  2. Tile the tub /shower

I am about to lose it when it comes to our bathroom! This has to be finished!! Finding the best time to replace things can help save money. You know we are getting ready to send Sammie off to college so we try to shop when we can save. 

What to fix up and buy in January? 

January has always been the month for White Sales! Here are the top things to buy right now before January ends. These items are known to go on sale and have the best pricing, sometimes of the entire year.

Are you ready to make your home picture perfect_ Give your home a refresh! Renew your space with these easy tips and tackle your to do lists.- DearCreatives.com

Easy Ways to give your home a refresh!

Replace old bedding and bath towels

  1. Replace old bedding sheets, comforters, and pillows 
  2. Donate, make rags, make a pet bedding with old towels, or toss old towels, hand towels and washcloths. 
  3. Out with the old, in with the new bedding, sheets comforter, and towels. (Save up to 40% off bedding and bath – select items) 

wicker wall storage shelf

Swap out home accent pieces and organize things

  1. Home accent pieces like mirrors, bookends, baskets, seasonal decor…
  2. Add a tiered decorative tray to your table, put new accent pieces or your seasonal accents on the tray decorated pretty.
  3. Bust clutter by adding small items, toys or misc. things into pretty matching wicker baskets
  4. Add a strong – pretty wall wicker storage shelf to organize small items onto your wall.

Save up to 30% off Select Home Accents to 1-26 2020

tiered decorative shelf

Update Your Furniture

Update a Piece of Furniture or upcycle a piece of furniture

(shop furniture sale now)

  1. Dining room sets
  2. Sofas
  3. Sitting Chairs

Update your space with

  1. One of the easiest ways to make a room look fresh is by painting rooms and furniture, or even getting new wall art
  2. Add color with pouf seating like this (Lory Pouf)
  3. Use velvets to add richness to your home’s decor, like this velvet accent chair in multiple color options. 

What’s Trending in Home decor?

  1. Neutrals
  2. Industrial elements in furniture
  3. Velvet
  4. Colors that make a statement 


black and natural furniture -

Don’t miss this sale to Refresh Your Space at Target until 2/1/2020 

What are some of the ways you are updating and refreshing your home?

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