34+ Halloween Decor Ideas To Get You In The Spirit!

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Are you ready to decorate for Halloween? We are sharing our favorite Halloween decor ideas. I’m ready to get into the Halloween spirit no matter what it looks like this year.

We love it when fall is in the air and we can get out the Halloween decor or grab something new to make our home festive for Halloween. One of my favorite things to do this time of year is finding easy ways to decorate for Halloween. 

Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween Decor - Cute, spooky, vintage, farmhouse... find 34+ Halloween decor ideas to easily decorate your home for Halloween! DearCreatives.com

Do you like decorating with a theme that is spooky, witchy, ghostly, filled with pumpkins, or? Find your style Halloween indoor decor or porch decor for Halloween. 

I love, cute Halloween decor and farmhouse Halloween decor myself. With witches, pumpkins and boos! I love throwing on a t-shirt and decorating.

Today, I’m sharing my hand-picked Halloween decorations and Halloween decor ideas. 

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I have to admit when I was moving Sammie into her dorm room she said to me, “Halloween is my favorite time. (And yes, we packed some decorations for Halloween to bring over to the dorm.) I could leave Halloween up all year long.” I just chuckled. But, she has always been a big fan of this holiday. 

Decorate your home for Halloween and set the mood for a festive night!

Halloween decor ideas - Farmhouse, spooky, fun, cute, festive, witch, ghost, pumpkins, black cats... Find Halloween signs, pillows, decorations... See our favorite Halloween decor. DearCreatives.com 

Black Cat Apothecary Sign | Witch Way? | Boo! 

  1. I just love this farmhouse Halloween decor, black and white ornaments with Rae Dunn script on rustic wood shapes and with buffalo check bows. You just have to take a peek! Grab these in sets of 3 or sets of 6. Eek! Boo! Spooky! Hocus Pocus! 31…Cute overload! 
  2. Having a small gathering? Make your table festive for Halloween, with these rustic, farmhouse, linen Halloween Napkins
  3. This set of witch party favor bags can be used for giving the kids or adults. They would be cute in a basket with shredded paper as decor until you are ready to give them away. 
  4. Are you into gnomes? Use these witch gnomes as shelf decor for Halloween. 
  5. Ready to hang a Halloween garland? This cute felt black cat(s) garland
  6. If you like untraditional Halloween colors this cute felt pink, black, white, and rusty orange bat and pumpkins garland are perfect for you! Plus, you can order other colors to match your decor’s look. 
  7. Decorate a tiered tray with Halloween/Fall Tiered Tray Decor. Make your selections and get multiple Halloween tray decor in a bundle. Making displays like this are not only easy, they make pretty table decor or shelf decor. 
  8. Hang a Hoop Wreath like this, “It’s October Witches” in your home, entryway, or even door. There are so many options to pick from! Other examples, Boo, Bat Sh– Crazy, Hello Pumpkin…
  9. I love indoor/outdoor decorations and this Halloween sign has a rustic, vintage vibe. It’s not scary and would be super cute to hang in your home or front door.
  10. You could use this Spooky Tree that has color-changing Led lights on your porch or home. Create that haunted house vibe. 

See the rest of the list of decorating ideas

Pop over here to find the rest of my picks in an image gallery of 24 of my favorite Etsy Halloween Decor. And go here to shop the Etsy Halloween Guide a curated list by Etsy’s Editors perfect for finding even more ideas, costumes, and decor for Halloween.

What’s your Halloween decorating style?

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