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Free Cute Valentine’s Day Printables With Epson ET-2750

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Do you know what I love? Making printables and printing them. What about you? If you said yes I hope you like today’s Free Valentine’s Day Printables and Valentine’s Day Cards. Print them, cut and have kids to pass them out at school. When you are done with this article take a peek you can see a bunch of the previous free printables I have created for you. 

I used to have my kids make happy Valentine’s day cards. Start early if you want them signing each card with their names on the back. I remember them saying how many more do I have to do? lol Do you help sign their Valentines? Or make them power through? 

If you are new to printing printables we have tips to make it even easier for you! 

  • Be sure to subscribe I am going to try to make an editable version so you can insert names and print it. I’ll share that in an email soon it will be included in February’s first newsletter. I will also have other printables I am designing for spring. You are sure to enjoy printing those too when I share them. 

Free Valentine’s Day Printables 

Valentines Day Printables 4 Valentines Day Cards PREVIEW IMAGE Get the print version at © DearCreatives.com
Cute Valentine’s Day printables |  graphics credit prettygrafik  | design credit ©Theresa Huse dearcreatives.com
  • click to print from links at end of the post

Valentine's Day Printables with norwal and unicorns © DearCreatives.com 2019 Theresa Huse

Tips for printing printables

  • Preview what you are printing
  • Make sure your printer settings are correct
  • Set fit to page (if needed) 
  • Preview your printing, make adjustments as needed
  • Use quality printer paper (for printing cards use card stock paper) (for printing photos use glossy photo paper or matte photo paper
  • Use a quality printer (It makes a difference)

Epson supplied, and sponsored us with a free ET-2750 to try out and help us with our printing needs. This allows me to test print when designing and to help me design pretty and helpful printables for you. If you need a quality printer you may like to see what this printer offers it’s owner. 

Do you need a quality printer? 

Epson Printer ET-2750 Eco Tank Printer © 2019 Theresa Huse DearCreatives.com

What’s a good printer for printing printables and photography? 

If you love printing printables and photography images you need to see this Epson Printer – Expression ET-2750

  1. When creating printables or printing printables having a quality printer is important.
  2. I have to be able to test print the printables to make sure the designed images or photographs will print properly for you!
  3. The benefits of a quality printer go beyond printables if you love printing for scrapbooking, journaling, printing your photos or are studying you need a good printer this printer delivers.
  4. For me, I like printers that will last the test of time, print quality consistently, durability and save you money over time. Now, the price is even lower! Which means more savings. *consumer reports
  5. I like the refillable ink bottles, they were mess free and will print up to 2 years of prints (for the average person, this may vary for someone like me who is designing0 *but I will update this later as time goes by. 
  6. To be honest this was the first printer I ever set up by myself I chose the wifi option. (It was super easy by going to a link on the guide, then following prompts.) 
  7. You can connect it by a cord to your computer. I prefer wifi so I can print from anywhere!

Epson Printer in the box unopened Epson Printer -Expression ET-2750 © 2019 Theresa Huse DearCreatives.com

Watch our unboxing of the Epson ET-2750 Printer

Sorry I didn’t dress up, put on makeup or do my hair. Ha! Just a quick video to give you an idea of what the printer is like, the unboxing and how easy it is to add the ink, set up the printer. Plus, you get to see my first print with it. See the photography print in the next video and enter for a free print from me! *enter at end of post

See how the Epson Prints Photography Prints – Printing of my floral photography

Imagine the great prints of the family it can do! The print quality is amazing.

Features of the Epson Printer Expression ET-2750

  1. It comes with 2 years of ink
  2. Cartridge-free printing
  3. Save up to 80 percent on ink with low-cost replacement bottles (4) — plus easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks
  4. Easy built-in wireless — easily print from iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones (5); includes Wi-Fi Direct (6)
  5. Auto 2-sided printing — save up to 50 percent of your paper supply.Maximum Print Resolution: 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi
  6. RoHS compliant


Valentines Day Printables 4 Valentines Day Cards PREVIEW IMAGE Get the print version at © DearCreatives.com
Cute Valentine’s Day printables |  graphics credit prettygrafik  | design credit ©Theresa Huse dearcreatives.com

For today’s printables you will get 3.5 x 5 inch Valentine’s Day Cards. You will have to use scissors or a portable paper cutter or standard paper cutter slice off excess white paper, and cut on the pink lines as shown in the image. Follow directions below. 

Valentine's Day Printables Designed by © 2019 Theresa Huse Graphic credits PrettyGrafik - Free Printables

 How to use these printables for Valentines

  1. Print them on card stock paper 
  2. Cut on the lines
  3. sign on the back or front To or From
  4. Have your kids make a Valentine’s Day box (optional)
  5. Then have fun passing out cards on Valentine’s day! 

We set this up so you can print a png version or pdf version. This printable is for personal use only. When sharing please direct your friends to this post to grab their printable. 


Looking for more ideas? Free printables? 


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