Fiesta Themed Bridal Shower

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It is almost wedding time~ Here is a snapshot of our Fiesta Themed Bridal Shower. It was really a lot of fun. I used fiesta style paper goods and placed them in red woven baskets for grabbing. I got a large bouquet of colorful flowers, colorful textile table runners and colorful sombreros. I pre made large pans of chicken enchiladas and also a ground beef, potato mix for taco meat, so all I had to do was heat them in the oven prior to serving. With a large group I recommend pre made tortilla shells and soft taco shells which are easy to heat up in the oven / microwave. I pre cut all the fixings with the exception of the tomato’s, cilantro and jalapeno. I had salsa and sour cream also for the toppings. So I was able to cut those items and decorate for the shower a few hours prior. Her new sister in law made appetizers and I had someone else in charge of making margarita’s so I could focus on taking pictures of my daughter and the event~ We placed extra ice in a large ice chest to keep it cold for making drinks. Our non alcoholic beverage was a punch and ice tea. For dessert we served Mexican wedding cookies. I ordered them from a bakery. It was well worth it, they were delicious and served with coffee~
As you can see she is a well loved young lady and I think everyone enjoyed her Fiesta Themed Bridal Shower. I know the bride to be did! Now off for all the wedding festivities and her big day July 24. I promise some pictures and stories to tell. Let me know how your summer is going! Have you gone to any wedding festivities lately? I’ll be sharing some scrap book work that I have done for her when I return and more fun, so until next time have a wonderful week or so~
Please excuse my absence as I attend to Krissy~ What a beautiful bride she will make. Don’t you think so?

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  1. Hi Theresa,

    Your daughter is adorable and how incredibly proud you must be of her.
    The shower photos look lovely and I love all the bright colours and the sound of the food.
    Yes, your daughter is going to be a beautiful bride.

    Enjoy the wedding

  2. The Bride to be is Beautiful and I love the Bridal shower pics. I could use one of those Margaritas right now!! I am wishing you a beautiful day for the wedding .
    My daughter's wedding was beautiful . I don't have any pics to share yet because the photographer is still working on them . I will soon though:)
    I am thinking about you .Weddings are beautiful but stressful!!
    warmest hugs!!

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