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clothespin bag1. Could be used for clothes pins or a few diapers/wipes or for a few small toys

clothespin bag2. Slides easily across clothes line when pinning clothes up
clothespin bag
clothes pin bag

I thought I would share with you some designs I was working on for clothespin bags. I love hanging out my laundry in the sun to dry. Not only does it save energy but I love being outside while being productive. I love using the burlap as it gives a stiffening affect which then makes it easier to grab the clothespins out of the bag. There are a lot of tutorials on how to make clothes pin bags and I am going to leave a few links for you. But if you rather buy one I will be making some of these and selling them in my Etsy shop which is opening soon! I promise to tell you when~ Do you like hanging out your clothes to dry? Do you enjoy sewing up simple projects?

Clothes Pin Tutorial Links:
Martha Stewart
One from a child size button shirt
Cut out and Keep
Vintage Place mat into a Clothes Pin bag

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