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Today I’m making a call for a worthy charity organization, ALS. This is an organization I really didn’t know a lot about until more recently. Did you know that ALS is one of the most under funded diseases? We can help #EndALS

Right now ALS needs more funding to support their research to find a cure.

  • This year what you donate will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous and very generous donor!

End ALS #WhatWouldYouGive #EndALS see where to donate, and match dollar per dollar


ALS most commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) has some promising drugs for potential cures on the horizon. Since working on this fund raising effort I found out about Sarah’s ALS Story in this CNN news article  

Why did I want to get behind this cause? Several reasons, this reminded me of when my sister in law was first diagnosed with her disease (not ALS).

  • Knowing that research can help find answers, and cures is exciting. Their promising AT-1501 treatment, find out more here.
  • I feel like I haven’t been doing enough to give back.  
  • I felt it was time to take action.
  • It is time to help others more

Unless something strikes closer to home it seems like people don’t take notice or action. I was watching Ellen the other day. Both her, and her guest said the same thing. Don’t wait to help others only when it’s eminent.

  • Help all the time  
  • Do what you can

#whatwouldyougive #EndALS see how you can get your donation matched dollar for dollar

  • Make a difference. 
  • Give A Little (or) Give A Lot.
  • Help Cure, #EndALS  – Donate! 


The goal this year is to raise $50,000 through our collective efforts. And up to $25,000 will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous and very generous donor! 

  • Help make ALS a thing of the past!
  • It takes a village to get it done, and we want you in our village!

Are you ready to make a difference? Go here to make a difference and donate – ALS Therapy Development Institute Donate 

Do you know someone affected by ALS? 

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