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Today we are sharing all about Cal Water H2O Challenge. Do you have kids or know someone who does? Or maybe you know a teacher? Or are a home-school teacher? Then you need to share this challenge and opportunity to win with them! The contest is a free classroom opportunity to combine science with real life and come up with water conservation solutions. Teaching kids about caring for water and water conservation. It’s a combination of real life problems (related to water and the drought) and students using ideas and science to come up with solutions.

The prizes are amazing. Prizes starts at $3500 classroom grants for first place down to $1000. Top two get parties too! There will be four winners. Plus every class entry is a winner see all the details on their site. You can view a video below of some of the previous winners.

Cal Water H20 Challenge 

Cal Water H20 Challenge For Teachers Home-School Teachers & their students | FREE classroom competition teaching kids about caring for water & conservation


I know first hand what’s it been like not to have enough water. Living in Central, California we have struggled with five years of drought conditions. We went from having beautiful lawns to no lawns, losing plants and now even trees to lack of water. All of this equals a struggle for our community (environment and animal life) and it’s water resources. We have been on 2-3 day water restrictions for years. Showering well, better make it quick. Run your wash only on full loads. Recycle water any way you can!

The Cal Water H2O Challenge – Competition is a free classroom opportunity. Share this with your teacher friends. It’s a win/win experience that teachers and students can have together. Along with possibly winning. 

Cal Water H2O Challenge

H20 Water Challenge

Involving students in the Cal Water H2O Challenge teaches them to understand water as a local and global resource. Also encouraging social responsibility and engaging your students to be active in their community. Resources for participation and all the information you need at Cal Water H2O Challenge When visiting their site you’ll find a guide for the flow of the project, and sample lesson plans. 

Cal Water H2O Challenge Registration Information

  • This information can be found directly from their contest information and home page – Important dates to remember:
  • The final registration deadline is January 31st, 2017
  • Project submissions for Final Portfolio must be received by February 28, 2017 11:59 pm PDT

“Sample topics include issues around water conservation and water quality, but projects are not limited to these areas. The project topic is up to your class. It must focus on caring for water, but the specific topic has no limit. Be creative. Originality is encouraged.” Quote via Cal Water H2O Challenge
If you prefer a reference some sample topics can be found in the resources section.

A Few of the Key elements of the Cal Water H2O Challenge

  • Curriculum Alignment: Aligns with Common Core State Standards and complimentary to the Next Generation Science Standards)
  • Project-Based Learning: The project based learning model offers an effective and engaging manner to inspire students to get involved in community action while achieving standards
  • Objective Rubric: Judging of the competition will be conducted by a panel of experts working in education and / or an enviornmental field and will use an objective rubric, developed with the help of the West Ed/K-12 Alliance……
  • Visit to see last years winner and grab all the details Cal Water H2O Challenge

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