Lovin Nature

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I have journeyed to the forest and back but am not quite done with my travels. I just love finding leaves in the shape of a heart or any nature shaped as a heart as a matter of fact. I am loving this summer with all the nature trips. I am wrapping nature itself around me to hold me through the coming winter. When I am back I plan on making a few spaces to savor those memories that inspire my creativity.

Source: greeneyesandlullabyes.tumblr.com via Arantxa on Pinterest


Adding found bits of nature to my collection so I can savor my memories and delight in my nature treasury.


I will be back to regular posting soon. In the mean time if you’d like to look at more nature photography visit right here on nature photography groups Flickr then get outside walking, collecting & photographing it! What delights have you found this summer? What places have you traveled to this summer?

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