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Have you ever been to Minted? It’s a online stationary source and a whole lot more showcasing artist and designers work for sale. I discovered them recently and was super excited to see that they have an art marketplace, design services, design challenges and resources for inspiration. But, you don’t have to be creative to enjoy Minted they have a whole range of retail. Enjoy the artist’s and photographers design work as they are voted on and selling on Minted. Their work can be customized and purchased from cards to limited edition fine art prints. You can add your own text, photos or frames to cards. I thought’ I’d share a few inspiration boards below that caught my eye and share a bit more!

A little more about Minted;

First off I was really engaged by the Minted Community and the idea that designers can put together their own inspiration boards. You can discover stationary, cards, artwork and designs under various themes. Searching them is easy! (View: Eye Candy when you visit)

Designers can submit card designs under certain themes by participating in design challenges and the Minted community votes to tell Minted what to sell. Whether your a designer or part of the community it gives you some great visual ideas of designs that are up and coming or what’s available for purchase.

Inspiration Boards with cards for sale linked right in them!

Pretty in Pink Party inspiration board created by Nicole. My daughter Krissy is having another baby (Woot! Woot! due in Feb.) how fun if she had a girl this time. We won’t know for sure but, if you did you know you could definitely use this board or another inspiration board to inspire your baby shower, and then upon arrival have the invites ready to add your precious bundle’s name and details with this watercolor washed invite for the name area or find something more suited to you. Precious!

Pretty in Pink Party by Nicole, see more Minted

Pretty in Pink Party board by Nicole. See more Minted

But, of course that isn’t the half of it. The offering range from Holiday, Wedding, Baby & Kids, Gifts, Paperie, Party Decor in the retail aspect. Of course there is plenty of seasonal offerings for the holidays popping up on their homepage if you are starting early. I can’t believe we have hit October and the end of the year is so near!

  • You can buy the card directly from the inspiration boards if you find one you like or shop the traditional way directly under the categories listed above.

I came across this older non traditional card that has been updated. I loved the chartreuse board.

Below is the updated end of year holiday card from this pretty chartreuse board. I love the idea of customizing a card for the holidays with a year in review and in several color choices that I love and also an option for red.

a year in review card

There are also various shapes for cards and other various customizing options.

  • Of course if you want traditional they have tons of traditional designs or more modern designs in traditional colors. I truly believe there is something for everyone.

There is so much more over at Minted including their brand new Christmas card collection. I think you’ll enjoy Minted as much as I did but, why not check them out for yourself!

Have you ever shopped Minted before? Or are you part of the Minted community of artist’s or photographers?’

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