Love is In the Air

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Love is in the air. Yes, Love sweet love and it is only February 10th. The countdown to creative goodness continues with hearts. A simple yet heartfelt tutorial from How About Orange. I think after reading her other tutorial on stiffening fabric I may have to run to my nearest store and purchase some fabric stiffener for some of the sweetest and newly inspired projects and then…..

 Here is a simple and lovely lavender heart filled tutorial . So easy to do in the next few days for a quick and heartfelt project to give your sweet dears.

 Oh, and my love drinks coffee every morning on the way to work. This would be perfect for him but, shh don’t say a thing! & you know how smitten I am with burlap right now! Hm mm, maybe I’ll be making one of these for myself. You can find her coffee sleeve tutorial right here! Don’t worry I will be sending more love your way! I have a new recipe I tested out it is so easy and good I promise you’ll love it!
What kind of lovely projects are you enjoying?

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