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Farmers Market & Herb Love

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Dear Creatives, Did I mention that I went to our local farmers market over the weekend? I am trying to go at least once a week  to get the most fresh, organic produce and fruits from our local farmers. It is a win/ win situation. Fresh, healthy and supporting small local farmers.

I also grow a small herb garden and have half a dozen tomato plants & variety of spicy peppers. I love drying my own herbs such as oregano, rosemary and sage. but my yard isn’t big enough for a full vegetable garden. I miss those days of having acreage, well a little. It was a lot of work maintaining while reaping the big rewards, now I just do it on a much smaller scale. But I have found a few great online sources for items I can’t grow myself. Such as Gneiss spice an Etsy shop.

Mountain Rose Herbs

On a bit larger scale I love Mountain Rose Herbs. I love that they have monthly specials and lots of resources on their site, such as topics such as education, sustainability and organic agriculture.


mon petit chou boutique


I also came across this shop. Next spring I think I want to add a few vintage garden markers to our herb garden. Well, that all the time I have today.


Do you have a herb garden or garden? I’d love to know~

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