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Halloween crafts made from StyrofoamHalloween Inspiration~

A Craft Challenge to enter~

Oh hello friends, yes I am always looking for inspiration and as you know on the web it’s sources are never ending. I had to share this as I was at Michaels’ the other day and yes of all things I bought some round Styrofoam balls. What for ever did you say? Well I saw a tutorial for some vintage Christmas decorations and I thought I must give it a try!
Sometimes I think that is part of my problem I am the proverbial craft junkie always hopping from idea to idea. So here is another example of hopping on another idea for Styrofoam balls and Halloween & Christmas ideas. Of course I almost got a cone or two when I was there thinking Christmas trees but I didn’t purchase them and now I will have to return to pick up some other shapes~
Any way, I hope you enjoy the video and if you enter their contest I would love to see what you make so don’t forget to tell me about it because I know you are crafty ladies & of course gents too! When my projects are done I promise to post them!
Have you crafted with Styrofoam? What did you make? Do you think you will enter the contest? I would love to know~

& a pdf tutorial:

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