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Digital Software Freebie & Tutorial

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Dear Creatives,You know how busy I have been since my extended weekend, now catching up on house things, but I wanted to share some freebies & things I created with My Memories program, along with the freebie digital kits.The program is easy to use! My Memories offers freebies weekly to add to your stash. Of course you can purchase more they have lots of digital kits to choose from. First let me share what I made & then a little freebie, discount offering  & tutorial for you!

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These are a few shots of Sammie out in Cambria at the beach off Hwy 1 on our way back from Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA. There is so many fonts & embellishments to pick from! In a hurry to show you some of the other things you can do I didn’t edit these to the same size. No worries, I can go back it is saved & pick up where I left off.


Summer is coming & I made her a doorknob hanger. I know her room is going to { & anyone going in it will }  be eaten alive with her home all day, it’s going to be a Jurassic jungle in there! You can see the options they offer via the links below & even try it yourself without the program, but you won’t be able to customize. See more info. below!


Now the best part if you want you can use this coupon code & purchase the program for yourself if you don’t have a My Memories Digital Suite Program you will recieve $10. off & right now $10. credit to purchase something! What a deal!! Just follow this link & take your code with you!!! My Memories Offer  { code to takeSTMMMS82203 }

To see My Memories  freebie offerings:

Kit 1

Kit 2

Kit 3

All Friday Freebies will now be My Memories Suite Compatible. What does that mean??? It means that you can now load the freebies directly into your My Memories Suite Software, and then completely customize them with any paper and embellishments that you have.  If you don’t have the software, you can still download the sample project and the elements, but you will not be able to customize their project.
Using My Memories Software to Customize your Doorknob Hanger

  1. Download template file and install it into your software
  2. Using MyMemories Suite, choose Create Album From Designer Template and find your project
  3. Now you can add pictures, print and enjoy the provided template, or customize it with your own papers and embellishments.

You can right-click on the white guide and lock it in place to keep it from moving while you are working. Make sure this is the top layer of your project before printing.

Instead of adding the paper as a background paper, you can add it as an embellishment so that you can move the paper around. This is especially useful when using papers with stripes or circles, so you can decide which part of the paper you want to use.

Once it is added as an embellishment, you can now select the paper and move it into the position you want it.

Just SAVE and PRINT on cardstock!

Doorknob Hanger Tutorial

1. Print your doorknob templates on cardstock and gather supplies. (Recommended supplies: bone folder, craft knife, cutting mat, metal edged ruler, small scissors, tape runner) gather supplies

2. Using the craft knife and metal edged ruler cut along outside line.
TIP: a paper cutter could be used as an alternative trim edge

3. Repeat on all four sides. Trim all edges

4. Using a bone folder, fold the doorknob hanger in half.


5. Apply a liberal amount of the glue of your choice and glue sides together.
TIP: A tape runner works better than a glue stick! Glue together.


6. Using small scissors, cut out the white center circle. Cut out Circle


7. Hang on a door and Enjoy!!
TIP: To make your doorknob hanger last longer, it is best to laminate your project. Clear contact paper makes great Do-It-Yourself lamination. I promise to add step by step photos for the next one!

To find out more about My Memories software you can check out this link to see what the program offers http://www.mymemories.com/digital_scrapbooking_software but if you are purchasing take the code & link above in the post in pink! I hope you enjoy the freebie!! PS. feel free to print & make the door-hanger I created for your kiddos! The size works perfect for standard paper but, double check to see if you need to re-size it. Just print & follow directions above.


Do you digital scrap-book? 

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