Circus Trees

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Images via Donna62
Just a short post~ I have the chance to meet my brother somewhere half way between where he is staying and where we live. His wife has a conference in the bay area so they tagged along. We decided on Gilroy Gardens. My niece just turned 3yr and nephew is 6yr. Sammie and I will drive up tomorrow morning. There are 6 gardens and an amusement park~ There is a lot of history to the Circus Trees on this property. I hope to take lots of photos to share. So in between swim lessons and all we are off to have a long day trip! Have you managed any day trips this summer? Are you planning a vacation or trip? I hope to have more crafty inspiration soon, so please bare with my summer antics~ But you must admit these are some crafty trees!
(arbores t and creator of the Circus Trees Axel N. Erlandson (1884-1964)

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  1. Thank you for "flying" by my blog with your sweet self!! I'm following you now. I have never seen or heard of these trees and so glad you shared them. They must be awesome in person 😉 There is much on your blog that is beauuuuuutiful, great job. hugs.

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