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Dear Creatives, This week on Meal Plan Monday I am sharing two recipes I tried & how they turned out. First up for Valentines day I tried the cake recipe from the previous Meal Plan Monday & Double Bean Burrito Recipe. The Chocolate Cake recipe was from Country Living. The Double Bean Burritos were from My Recipes. Results both were good, but I did have come what happened with the cake moment. Here is what happened with the recipes & the results.

I made no alterations to the cake recipe other than to use a different type of oil. I didn’t have canola oil on hand. The cake was cooked the proper amount of time, but when I pulled them out the center had fallen. When cooled I flipped it over & frosted. Other than looking a little wonky in the middle the cake was delicious, it is a bitter sweet cake & it was frosted with a raspberry butter cream (I didn’t seed the raspberry jam) I served it for Valentines & everyone loved it. Why did it fall? Was it the different oil? Maybe the leaving agent? Over mixed batter? Maybe when I checked on the cake? But in any case I thought I would share a few articles about this in case you’d like to know more & how to avoid the problem!

Dark Chocolate Cake, Cake, Chocolate Cake with Raspberry butter cream frosting, DearCreatives.com

Have you ever had a cake fall in the middle? During baking? Prior to being completely done or After? If so some of these articles may help you understand it better.

Sunk in the Center

Why do my cakes sink in the middle

Cake Trouble Shooting

I don’t remember this ever happening to me until now & I have baked a lot of cakes, but hey it happens to the best of us right?! At least it was delicious & we had no problem finishing up the cake. So if you are on the hunt for a really good dark chocolate cake give this recipe a try, but read some of the tips for successful cakes prior it may help from the problem occurring. But, I wouldn’t let this mishap detour me from trying this recipe again. Deep Chocolate Cake Recipe



Now for the Double Bean Burritos this is a simple anytime, quick recipe. It is easy. I didn’t use rice in a bag. I heated my black beans without salsa, but next time I’m just adding them in as Sammie didn’t even want the black beans on hers, which was the whole purpose of me leaving it out to begin with. To be honest this is a very basic recipe & I make my burritos very much like this but, adding the black beans does give it a much more flavorful taste. I think any family would enjoy this. If you have kids you can do what I did & just assemble the kids burritos without the black bean & salsa if they are younger or don’t like black beans vs refried beans. I would add this to quick & easy go to recipe to use again. If you want to give it a try Double Bean Burritos from My Recipes.

Well I’ll be trying a few more recipes from my previous list prior to making up a new list, but you can visit prior Meal Plan Monday posts & look at my recipes page to see  other recipes I have tried & the results.

Do you have a favorite cake recipe? or Quick & easy anytime recipe?

If you are looking for more easy recipes check out my gallery & recipe index:


Have a recipe to share? Don’t forget to link-up with me via last Friday’s post or the submit page. I don’t know about you but I love beaches & who doesn’t love a little reading of the most affordable beaches in the world!? Perfect for vacation planning or just dreaming!

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