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Hi, My name is Theresa. You can reach me at [email protected]

Mom to 5. Grandma to 9. Foodie turned food photographer. Here to help you cook up something good or bake something sweet. Find out more below.

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  • If you’re a lover of all things delicious, beautifully crafted, and infused with creativity, you’ve found your new favorite corner of the internet. I’m Theresa, a hobby photographer who embarked on a flavorful journey, transitioning turning pro. I’m capturing moments to capturing the essence of food, crafts, and products.
  • Here, every click of the shutter tells a story of culinary exploration, creativity, and the joy of creation. All while fueled by my consumption of a brewed soy latte. I love crafting recipes from scratch and adapting recipes. My passion for simple, healthy, and semi-homemade dishes shines through every image.
  • As life evolves, so do our tastes and needs. Join me as I transition from making family-sized recipes to perfectly portioned delights for two. As an empty nester, I’ve discovered how to make two meals from one cooking session and reduce food waste. I still love making desserts to be shared with family and friends, but I will also share dessert recipes for two.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. I’m here to, inspire you to create, cook, and bake with love. Whether it’s for entertaining guests, making special recipes or desserts for the holidays, or simply treating yourself to something special.

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