Valentines Day Heart Banner Pillow

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Dairy of a Quilter

I came across this tutorial for using scraps to make a heart banner pillow and if you sew who doesn’t have scraps right! Or if you sew and you don’t have any scraps laying around you know you’ll use any excuse to find more cute fabrics. It is so cute and simple I just had to share this tutorial with you. You can find the tutorial right here at Ucreate where Amy had a creative guest post. For me I think I am going to use this idea and spin a twist on it for a baby pillow and make a matching baby quilt. Hope I am not being to ambitious with all my spring to dos but, I know three ladies having babies right now and think since they know if its a boy or girl I can find some left over fabrics to tie into their themes. I promise to share when complete. And I can’t wait to share the wedding banner I just did. I am just having to add the ribbon on once I find the right color & then I can share some photographs with you.
What type of projects are you working on? Do you enjoy making home decor projects?

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