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Pixlr Free Photo Editing

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Dear Creatives, One of my favorite editing tools has been Picnik. From the ease of the tools they have, the large selection of overlays or textures to easy basics. Now they are being closed in as of April 1st & I am looking into sites that are similar. I have recently tried Pixlr.com with a tutorial I found along with some free  fabric tape strips that I am sure you will love. I thought I would share a few things Pixlr editing can do for an image. It is a free site, with no registration {of course you should read their terms of privacy} They have several different options to choose from with their editor(s). {link to free strips & tutorial at end of post} PS. the winner of the Sibu Beauty Contest was @jiniyaPark on twitter! Ya! Be sure & send her congrats! Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future.



Before Editing


This is a portrait I took of Sammie at the beach over the holidays. (the Mr. said, why don’t you take the sunlight off her forehead. I had to let him know I took it that way. I just love how the sun was hitting her at the time & how the wind blew the hair across her face, my preference I have plenty of photos of her without sunlight…) I took this unedited photograph & added the tape strips along with changing the opacity level so they were transparent.



Normally I wouldn’t edit a photo like this, (kind of sloppy) but I wanted a quick example of what you can do at their site. I added a vignette first. Then I was able to take the tapes, add them on decrease the opacity, re-size & place them where I wanted.



glamour glow filter

On this one I used their glamour glow filter. The editor is much like Photo Shop, but more simple. Then you can save photos to various places like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Pixlr library &  including  your own computer.



old photo filter

They have several cool options. After you save it you can go back to their Pixlr-o-matic for other filters, overlays & frames. I don’t like that it doesn’t have the interface to bring you from option to option without saving & going back to pixlr.com to start again. Granted there are plenty of options in the editor but I am talking about taking it to pixlr-o-tic. Maybe there is a way but I haven’t figured it out. With Picnik you could choose all the editing tools in a navigation bar style & when done then just save. I don’t seem to see any options for photo collages, which is something I enjoyed using for tutorials. (I went back later &  found out Pixlr express is most like Picnik, see next image)



framing & text with Pixlr.com

I found Pixlr express to be the most like Picnik. Easy interface, not as many options, no collages, but plenty to choose from. I’ll keep you posted if I find any sites better. If you know of any good sites please comment to let me know of them!


What photo editing software do you use? A site, Photo Shop or other? I’d love to know~


{free} { Free tape strips }  via The Cottage

{tutorial} Tape Strip tutorial for Pixlr.com via Free Pretty Things

{free photo editing site}Pixler.com

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