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Wedding Banner Tutorial- Mr. & Mrs. (Burlap & Chalk Paint)

This can be altered to say anything you like! *Lay your twine out & pin your lettering prior to sewing! This will help you place your lettering & center as needed. Allow twine on ends to be more than enough you can always cut some off later. (amount varies on how/ where you will be hanging banner) Be sure & share what you create I'd love to see it! Amount of time may vary due to dry times & skill set. It could be more or less (*copyrights retained by owner please credit when sharing see notes)
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 4 hours


  • Supply List:
  • Woven burlap or Coffee Bag Burlap
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Quality Card Stock not thin
  • Glue for fabric & paper Yes
  • Clear Gesso
  • 1 " or 2" paint brush
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Black Chalk Paint or color of your choice
  • Acrylic Fixative so chalk won't wipe off
  • chalk
  • stencil or hand write
  • Embellishments such as flowers or crystal hearts ...*optional
  • Wheat or burlap colored thread


  1. 1 Cut burlap rectangles ( size 5" wide x 7" heigh ) You'll need 6 for this project or adjust # to what you need if you change what is on it.
  2. 2 Find a shape you like & cut out 6 on quality card stock (not the super thin kind) & then apply clear gesso (no water on brush)to each one one side only. Don't worry if it curls a little it will flatten as it dries.
  3. 3 When gesso is dry add 2 layers of chalk paint (let dry completely in between paint layers! ) If you can't see through then move onto the next step if you can see through to paper chalk paint a 3rd time
  4. 4. A) Give it plenty of time to dry 2-3 layers completely need hours (grab a cup of coffee, catch up on some laundry, pet the kitty, play with the kids...) Then come back with or without a stencil & chalk your words onto the dry chalk painted paper! Be careful, but also know you can take a damp cloth & wipe off chalk dust, slip ups, cleaning up detailing! Notice the chalk marks here (pic 5) & there wipe what you can off let dry. (don't worry too much, you will final coat black chalk paint later)
  5. 4 B) Take your chalk lettered pieces outdoors, on a covered area spray lightly with an acrylic fixative so chalk won't dissipate or rub off I used Fixativ 2070 purchased via Dick Blick but, you should be able to find something similar from a hobby shop or Michaels. (don't freak out it looks like it disappears until it starts to dry) let dry completely!!
  6. 4C) While it's drying sew banner together I used a twine I measured * (see summary notes) & lined it up prior to sewing. Keep word letters closer together, allow for spaces between words and the & sign. If sewing loosely woven burlap make sure go go around edges of rectangles with stitching first so you can pull off the frayed strands & it won't unravel. ( that unraveling by the R, I just pulled it right off )
  7. 4D) Once all letters are dry use a good glue for fabric & paper to adhere to burlap. I used Yes ( it is a great glue used for many things including bookbinding) Make sure what you pick dries clear! Allow to dry completely
  8. 5) chalk paint over areas that need touching up let dry (don't get too close to your lettering) & spray matte or glossy finish to protect it
  9. 6) let dry completely in a sunny area if possible, then hot glue or hand sew on flowers or embellishments & your done!
  10. Don't expect to complete this banner super quickly, but the results are amazing in person! It has this country chic, rustic romantic look that you are going to love, love, love!
  11. If you make one or something with the tutorial I'd love to see it & even feature it! I can't wait to share photographs from the big day & where it will be hung!

Recipe Notes

All Credits & Copyrights belong to & Theresa Huse 2012
If shared on your blog or site please credit ownership. Thank-you