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Spring Break, Blogging & #Free #Printables

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Dear Creatives, Spring break for the kiddo means spring into entertainment mode! Not every moment has to be filled with action or activities, (see the app. reviews & maybe grab a new free app for them Mibblio or  News-O-Matic perfect travel entertainment) but we do have a must do list going for the week. Fun, day trips, creativity, games, baking & sleeping in! Sammie is finally at the age where she can appreciate sleeping in, as school starts at 8:00 am & we leave no later than 7:30 am to get her there on time. This is something I love on occasion too, but can make our days start out unproductive. I call them Pajama Sam days! (maybe some of you remember the game Pajama Sam? it was a Cd game that had you solving clues & finding out leads to the end) Any way, she loved that game & would love to stay in her pj’s when she was tiny & play that game. I am sure we will paint outdoors again weather permitting, take photos, visit a botanical garden…. Don’t forget to grab the freebies & discount today before you go. PS. if you are looking for more of them head to the goodie bag & drop down menu to see them all!

YoLo, childs art, Theresa Huse 2013

Easter was quiet for us. Cleaning, cooking, playing & involving chocolate malted robins nest eggs. I must be on spring break mode too. I did create a project but, did have time to take photos to share yet. I actually opened a can a worms when I went to write my post for today! When looking for a few photography posts to include for resources to another post I have for you later this week I found many of my early blogging posts on the site were missing photographs that I used via Pinterest or links that were no longer valid. (maybe due to people not wanting items  pinned or pages being changed) I mentioned on a Google+ post one time about checking broken back-links. Any how, I have been meaning to check which ones needed fixing, but happened across them when scouring for this post I was writing. {sigh, hours later & many posts later quite a few were fixed, but I know I have a long list to get through} Do you check & fix your back links? I’ll be sharing about them later in another post with some resources.

Today this is me! Don’t worry I have creative posts, projects coming to share & even some reviews upcoming! & much, much more. Every now & then it’s good just to let you know about me & behind the scenes.

  • Then I came across this freebie & a lot more via Persnicketyprints. I think it is fun, bumble bee colored. I think you can write some thoughts for your journals if you have one or use them in other ways.

Hope you enjoy this little round-up of printable s. What are you doing with your kids over spring break? Was it last week / this week or both? Don’t forget if you have something to share link up your blog posts in this past Fridays link-up or head over to the submit page to link-up!

Happy Tuesday! Now here is a coupon for a Jamba Juice discount. You might have guessed we are headed that way soon for a treat! Happy Spring Break!!


IF your local zip doesn’t work, try the zipcode of the Jamba Juice location.

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