Holiday Cookies : Quick And Easy #SpreadCheer Baskets

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I love the holidays and spreading cheer throughout the season. Don’t you? As hectic as it gets there is something rewarding about taking the time to bake. It’s always fun to get your kids involved too. I love the warmth of the kitchen when the oven is pre-heating. The smells of cookies baking. Sammie and I decided to make several dozen cookies to #SpreadCheer . It’s really a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. It’s just like giving boo bags only you do it with cookies.

You take the cookies you bake up, decorate them and add them to baskets, wide mouth mason jars or cookie plates. Run them over to your neighbors, friends leaving them a surprise. Invite them to do the same, if you like!

Making cookies doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Betty Crocker has some great cookie mixes perfect for the holiday season. We picked up Betty Crocker’s Sugar Cookie Mix and Snickerdoodles Cookie Mix at the local grocery store. Sammie was so surprised how easy they were to use. When reading the directions couldn’t believe we wouldn’t even need a measuring cup! Let’s show you what we came up with for our #SpreadCheer cookies. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway we are having to give one lucky reader a chance to win a gift card to try make some of your own!

Holiday Cookies

Mixing Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes

What I love about Betty Crocker Mixes is they are a quick and easy solution for the holidays for when your busy. You use real butter and an egg adding them to the mix, which really saves time. They taste just like homemade. No one will know you didn’t spend extra time preparing and measuring ingredients. It’s so easy even kids can get in on the fun. Sammie helped make the Betty Crocker Sugar Cookies for her piano teacher and a few neighbors.

What you’ll need: Betty Crocker Sugar Cookies Mix, 1 egg and 1 stick of butter per package. Sprinkles red and green. Gel icing red and golden brown. Sprinkles trees and pearls. (and any other holiday sprinkles you’d like)

  • Mix up Cookies by following the package directions. (see image above)
  • Once mixed the cookies are ready add to baking sheets to bake!
  • Bake about 7-10 minutes at 350 degrees.
  • Let them cool and decorate with your favorite decorations. 

Cookies on Baking Sheets with sprinkles

We used sugar sprinkles prior to baking. Then added gel icing after the cookies were cooled. Both are easily picked up near by in the baking isles at the grocery store.

Decorated Holiday Cookies

When your cookies are decorated and ready you can prepare your basket any way you want or use wide mason jars. Make it simple or festive as you like. I added a filler, layered a pretty red cloth napkin on top, then a plate filled with a few cookies.

Mason Jar with cookies and a gift tag| #SpreadCheer

You can always add cookies to cello bags, tie with a ribbon. Then add them to a basket. We also added cookies to mason jars. For both we printed Betty Crocker’s free printable cookie gift tags.

Baksket with holiday cookies

I also added glittered holiday leaves and these free printable gift tags from Betty Crocker. Adapt basket sizes and jars with how many cookies you give. Base sizing on who / how many people your giving them to.

Holiday Cookies

Gift Tags

Free Cookie Gift Tags | #SpreadCheer | Holiday Baking

You can use these free #SpreadCheer Gift Tags to put the finishing touches on your batches of cheer!

Holiday Cookies


#SpreadCheer Sheet

  • Download the coupon at and grab your favorite Betty Crocker Cookie Mix!
  • Grab some cookie ideas by visiting Bake up your favorite holiday treats.
  • Spread the cheer!
  • Capture the moment with a photo, tag it with #SpreadCheer and keep it going throughout the holidays.

Holiday Cookies

Coloring Page

Let the little ones have fun decorating the Cookie Coloring Page while they wait for the cookies to bake and cool.

SpreadCheer Baskets

Above are just a few of our favorites to make and gift. Now we are ready to help you get started with Spreading Cheer this season. Enter to win a gift card to grab your cookie making supplies to #SpreadCheer Good luck! PS Don’t forget to capture the moment and share it on Social Media with hashtag #SpreadCheer

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